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NFL Power Rankings: Browns sitting at 23rd heading into final Week 17

The Browns will finish with a worse record than a year ago.

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 17.

CBS Sports - No. 24 (no change)

Is Freddie Kitchens coming back as the coach? It sure doesn’t look that way now.

ESPN - No. 21 (down 1 spot)

Chubb has been a reliable and steady force in this otherwise turbulent and dispiriting Browns season. The second-year back out of Georgia, who was named to his first Pro Bowl last week, is primed to win the NFL rushing title, despite Cleveland’s offensive problems along the line and in the passing game. Never once has Chubb been a part of the surrounding drama that has enveloped these Browns at every turn. All he has done is break tackles and move the chains. He’s Cleveland’s clear MVP. - No. 21 (down 2 spots)

This Browns season cannot end soon enough. Cleveland went down again on Sunday against the Ravens in a game that officially eliminated the Browns from postseason contention and neatly encapsulated all that has gone wrong in 2019. Cleveland actually held a 6-0 lead as halftime approached, but the Ravens scored 14 points in the final 1:18 of the second quarter, then opened the third quarter with a long touchdown drive to put the game away. From 6-0 to 21-6 in 8:42 of game time. Baker Mayfield was not near the level of Lamar Jackson, the quarterback picked 31 spots after him two Aprils ago, while Odell Beckham Jr. was seen complaining on the sideline and Sheldon Richardson was hit with roughing the passer and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. All drama, no substance, and more changes on the way for a team in endless search of a winning formula.

MMQB - No. 24 (down 3 spots)

The dysfunction capital of the NFL didn’t disappoint on Sunday as the Browns coughed up 21 unanswered to the Ravens and continued to vomit all over themselves down the stretch. Running the ball didn’t work (49 team rush yards), Baker Mayfield couldn’t do much through the air (20-of-33, 192 yards, two TDs, INT) and Freddie Kitchens has nobody to blame but himself for the temperature of his seat.

Yahoo Sports - No. 23 (down 4 spots)

Odell Beckham Jr. has been hurt, but has played in all 15 games. And he still needs 46 yards to reach 1,000. That’s no sure thing given his season. I never would have imagined a 27-year-old Beckham would play 16 games and not reach 1,000 yards. His lack of production is astonishing.

Bleacher Report - No. 24 (down 4 spots)

Entering the 2019 season, the Cleveland Browns were in the eye of a hurricane of hype. As it turned out, the team just blows. After getting handled by the Ravens at home, the Browns have officially been eliminated from playoff consideration. Rather than improve on last year’s 7-8-1 record after an offseason of big-name pickups, the Browns actually took a step backward in 2019. Sunday’s game was a microcosm of their entire season. Offensive inconsistency. Poor play-calling. Penalties. As has been the case all year long, the Browns find new and inventive ways to self-destruct on a weekly basis.

It’s been ugly—and there’s been nothing to indicate that might change any time soon.

”Freddie Kitchens isn’t solely to blame Cleveland’s disappointing season,” Davenport wrote. “But the lousy play-calling and complete lack of discipline is absolutely on the first-year head coach. Kitchens is out of his depth, and if the Browns have any sense, they will admit they made a mistake and move on. In other words, Kitchens will be the head coach of another losing Browns team in 2020.”

”Stick a fork in Freddie Kitchens, because he’s done,” Sobleski added. “The Browns are almost certainly going to make another coaching change after a severely disappointing campaign. That’s OK in this case, because it would be admitting a mistake while trying to do what’s best for a talented roster that should be far better than 6-9.”

Associated Press - No. 19 (up 2 spots)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
CBS Sports 32 24 1 11
ESPN 32 21 1 15 32 21 1 13
MMQB 32 24 1 15
Yahoo Sports 32 23 1 14
Bleacher Report 32 24 1 15
Associated Press 32 23 1 14
Average 32.0
(no change)
(down 2.6)
(no change)
(down 0.8)