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Dawgs By Nature is hiring a writer

It’s a great time for you to join our team and cover the Browns with us.

Employers Adding Jobs In May Pushes Unemployment Rate Down To 3.8 Percent Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It’s an exciting time to be a Browns fan. With a new head coach, a young, exciting quarterback, and the start of the new league year just around the corner, it’s a perfect time for you to join our team and help us cover the Browns this offseason and beyond.

Dawgs By Nature is hiring a writer to help with Browns coverage during the week. Keep reading to find out if this is the perfect opportunity for you.

What qualifications should you have?

We’re looking for someone to commit to a few posts during each week about the Browns, to be posted on an agreed-upon schedule.

Our best candidates will:

  • Have a passion for the Browns and news and will already be familiar with Dawgs By Nature.
  • Be able to produce and edit clean copy.
  • Be comfortable working in a remote environment.
  • Previous experience writing about the Browns or the NFL/football in general is preferred.

How do you apply?

Submit a resume, a cover letter explaining why you’re the best candidate for this role, and a football-related writing sample via our Vox Media Careers page. You will not be considered for this role if you do not submit all three items.

If you have questions about this role, the application process, or Dawgs By Nature or SB Nation in general, contact Jeanna Thomas, SB Nation’s talent manager for team brands, at

Vox Media is committed to building an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds. If your experience and qualifications do not exactly align with what we’re looking for, but you believe you can thrive in this role, we encourage you to apply.