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FOCO’s unique Reversible Hoodeez represents the Browns even in frigid temperatures

Brrrrrrrrr, it’s cold!

Whether it be bobbleheads or other items, FOCO is always coming out with some unique products related to the Cleveland Browns. Recently, they sent me what they advertised as one of their hottest products, a “Big Logo Reversible Hoodeez,” specifically the one for the Browns.

Here is how FOCO describes the thought process behind the product:

Choosing between showing off your team spirit, looking good, and being comfortable is a touch decision. Borderline impossible. Good news. You don’t have to choose. Because you can enjoy that triple threat of fan awesome when you rock this Cleveland Browns Reversible Big Logo Hoodeez.

The number one thing that stands out to me is that I would only wear this in the right setting, which is if I’m attending an outdoor event for several hours in cold temperatures. I tried it on, and it is very warm, while also being large enough to fit over all your other layers of clothing. The fact that it has the big Browns logo on it is a plus to represent the team, since otherwise, I’d be covering up all my other layers of Browns clothing.

The outfit is reversible. I much-prefer the brown side showing, as I chuckle at the other one making me look like a sheep. But, when I showed a couple of my friends the reversible nature of it, they felt a lot of women would love being warm in the sheep side. You also lose the pockets when you have it that way.

The product runs for $50. Could you see yourself wearing this to a game or around the house?