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Thoughts on the commercials from Super Bowl 53

The NFL, Bud Light, and Amazon make a strong impression during the biggest game.

Bud Light x Eagles Super Bowl Celebration Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images for Bud Light

Everyone has different tastes for Super Bowl commercials, and below are five of mine. Please leave your own thoughts on the commercials in the comments section below!

1. NFL Brings Out the Fun: The best commercial of the evening belonged to the NFL, as Roger Goodell prepared to talk about the 100-year anniversary of the NFL. RB Marshawn Lynch tries to quietly reach out for a piece of cake, but when he stumbles into it, the football decoration on top falls. Players follow their instinct to dive after the loose ball, and before you know it, everyone is getting involved. Jim Brown and Baker Mayfield also make back-to-back cameos in the commercial. Now, the fact that the NFL took the top honors here has to be disappointing to brands (not including the NFL) hoping to get their name out there.

2. Bud Light Comes Through: I am not a beer drinker, and I know very little about it. But I really liked the Bud Light/corn syrup commercial. I had no idea that some beer contains corn syrup — it’s not something that particularly matters to me, but it really hammered home my awareness. And if it does matter to some people, maybe they think about switching to Bud Light. Besides hammering home a concept, the commercial itself was memorable and funny too. Bud Light was also associated with a surprise tie-in to Game of Thrones in another commercial. So, as far as the best brand of the night, I’m going with Bud Light.

3. Amazon Draws the Laughs: The commercial that made me chuckle the most was Amazon, particularly the parts with Harrison Ford and his dog. His dog barks to order a boatload of dog food and other things, and Ford sells his reaction perfectly.

4. Appealing to the Senses: Again, I am not a beer drinker, but this commercial for Michelob Ulta captured my attention immediately. It appealed to my senses extremely well with how it was set up. It may not come through as well if you’re listening with generic computer speakers, but it was great on the big-screen TV, as if I was hypnotized or something.

5. Biggest Letdown: Where were the Tide ads!?! Tide was the big winner in 2018 with a ton of unique ads throughout the night parodying other brands before cutting it off and stressing, “nope, it’s a Tide ad.” They chose not to do any commercials this year. Now, there are two perspectives on this. First, it was a letdown for me from an entertainment perspective. Second, I don’t blame them at all: Super Bowl commercials are ridiculously expensive, and what more could they have done?

There were some other good commercials I didn’t mention, but let us know in the comments section below which ones you liked, which ones you hated, and which ones failed to deliver.