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What are the experts saying about Odell Beckham to Browns? Inside information revealed

Inside information about the blockbuster trade revealed

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The day the internet officially blew up was yesterday, March 12, 2019. That is when the Browns were able to pry away their prized WR Odell Beckham, Jr. from the tight grip of the Giants for Cleveland’s first-round pick this year (#17), their second of two third-round selections (#95) and safety Jabril Peppers.

Which trading OBJ is really no big surprise. Just last year the Giants made it known they would be acceptable to the idea for the steep price of two first-round draft picks. Essentially, that’s exactly what they received. Along with the Browns number one pick this year, Peppers is a former first-round choice taken with the 25th selection in the 2017 NFL draft.

The oddity in this trade scenario, however, is that the Giants also received a third-round pick. It has been well-documented that the Giants have a horrible history with third-round draft picks. Since the merger year of 1970, with the exception of DE Justin Tuck, every single pick in Round 3 has either been a complete bust or a one-hit wonder. Basically, this third-round choice for the Giants is a wasted object stuck onto the deal in order to close it.

Another oddity is that NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo is the one who broke the story early last evening. Usually, we hear this kind of breaking news from his counterpart Ian Rappaport or ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Why sources chose Garafolo instead, who is an exceptional reporter himself, is a mystery in itself. Below he explains how this all came about.

DBN has chronicled many individuals in the football universe to get their take on the blockbuster OBJ trade. Let us know what you think of their opinions and response to news of the trade.

Marc Ross – former Giants executive (who drafted OBJ)

”They say nothing shocks you in the NFL - this is shocking. With the earlier rumors not being put to rest, there had to be fire with smoke going on. For all the years they said Eli needs weapons and now you give away one of the biggest weapons in the NFL? It’s surprising. When you get a Baker Mayfield on your team and you saw what he did last year and what he can become; you say this window of opportunity is there, we have the resources, we have the assets to go get people. They have drastically improved their team.”

Damarious RandallBrowns S

“John Dorsey is officially a genius….”

Steve Wyche – NFL Network

“John Dorsey is not playing. I got a phone call from someone in their front office laughing, saying we are some crazy mother shut-your-mouth.”

Myles Garrett - Browns DE

“I think it is amazing for us. I’m not going to say I predicted it or anything. It was surprising to me we had a very quiet Monday. We were hearing a lot of inklings about OBJ coming to us. I was kinda expecting something big. Most of the D-linemen they are excited. We want to see (the offense) score points. There’s going to be an offense that’s high-flying. We can’t wait to get the ball to them. The tide has turned and can’t wait to get out there and prove it. Looks good on paper - we’ve got to prove it.”

Mike Garafolo – NFL Network (who broke the story)

“I tweeted that it wasn’t a joke and stared at the tweet button for about 10 seconds and just went back over everything – making sure I heard everybody right. You start to get news like this and you think this can’t be real. As a matter of fact, when I checked with sources on this to confirm that this is actually happening, I apologized. I said I am sorry that I am checking on this again. Because we have been checking on the Browns and Odell Beckham for a couple of weeks now, and it was made clear to me that the Giants were not going to make a move unless they were blown away. Well this deal apparently was enough to blow them away. And they got themselves Jabril Peppers in the deal a former first-round pick who can do a lot of the things Landon Collins used to do. It was all about John Dorsey who at the combine last month basically said, and I am paraphrasing, it wasn’t time for this team ‘to go for it.’ Well, he was playing coy because this team is going for it. Clearly Odell Beckham was part of those discussions with the Olivier Vernon for Kevin Zeitler trade.”

Deion Sanders, Hall of Fame DB

“First and foremost I was in disbelief. And I was happy and appreciative that the Cleveland Browns are finally stepping up to the plate trying to be a formidable organization. I had to ask, how does Jarvis Landry feel about this? I know this is his boy, his homey. But there is only one football that you play in the NFL with. Now how those two guys going to be happy? Does this have anything to do with AB leaving Pittsburgh? Now the Browns feel as if they got this division? I like it 100%.”

O.J. Anderson – former Giants RB and Super Bowl 25 MVP

“All I have is WOW! Can’t say I saw that coming #13 to the Browns. Remember it’s a business. Fans gotta be going crazy!”

Mary Kay Cabot – Browns’ beat writer, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“This is absolutely a blockbuster deal. This catapults the Browns into elite offense territory. John Dorsey told us at the Senior Bowl he wasn’t going for it. Nobody believed him, we knew he was going for it. He’s going for the gusto here. I’m sure Baker Mayfield is probably the happiest person in America right now knowing he’s got Odell. I’m sure Jarvis, his good buddy from LSU, is very, very happy. These guys have been lobbying for this for a long time. Jarvis all the way back to training camp last year. And it’s just an amazing thing for any Cleveland Browns fan.”

Ian Rapaport – NFL Network

“John Dorsey has wanted all along was a number one receiver, a game-breaking receiver to take all the attention of the defense and still make plays. That’s exactly what he began to build in Kansas City. They have it obviously now with Tyreek Hill. The kind of thing that is so hard to find. There’s not a lot of them in the NFL. Odell Beckham, Jr. is one. By the way, he is now going to join an environment where Jarvis Landry’s there one of his best friends, Adam Henry his former college receivers coach now the Browns’ receivers coach. There is a lot to like here for Odell Beckham, Jr. John Dorsey does not mess around with building a team.”

Joe Thomas - Former Browns OT

“A lot of high-fives today. Sure elation and shock and awe. Cleveland for the longest time has been down and then John Dorsey comes in and in two years changes everything. They were able to pick up their most position of need with deep wide receiver. When you look at this team on paper this is a scary team. A couple of studs at running back. And with the signing of Sheldon Richardson they will have the best defensive front four in the league. I don’t think anyone could believe that one year after OBJ signed that massive deal to stay in New York that he gets dealt. And for a one and a three basically and a starting player. Which in my opinion for a player of his caliber coming to a roster that’s as loaded as the Browns have, that’s an easy price for John Dorsey to pay.”

Kimberly Jones – Giants reporter, NFL Network

“Odell is overseas. When I called him he indicated that Dave Gettleman called him, what he called ‘brief.’ Odell then said at this point he didn’t know what to think, he’s trying to process it right now. I did ask him about leaving the Giants and he said he thought it was bitter-sweet but ‘it is what it is – it’s life.’ The words he said rang true. I can tell in his tone of voice this is surprising to him although not completely surprising to his camp. And I do think ultimately in Cleveland with Jarvis Landry, with Adam Henry, he will find it very familiar and a welcoming environment. But right now, one of New York’s biggest stars in on his way out-of-town and that star himself is still very much adjusting to this news. I do think this is Beckham realizing this is a very big chapter in his life.”

Steve Smith, Sr. – former Baltimore Ravens WR

“It’s shocking for the sports world. The Browns have become very scary. They were a team that you figured a lot of what has been going on, you’re just not sure. You definitely know for a fact that they are a very good team now.”

David Njoku – Browns TE

“Time to go 10x harder!!!!!”

Adam Schefter – ESPN

“There were discussions throughout today between the Browns and the Giants regarding Odell Beckham, Jr. Teams have been calling the Giants to see if they could pry loose Odell Beckham, Jr. and in the end the Giants agreed to trade Beckham who they shopped last year at the spring owner’s meeting where they were looking for two first-round picks. So, that’s the trade – three players for Odell Beckham, Jr. and reunites with Jarvis Landry. The Browns have accumulated so much talent that people now are going to talk about them as a threat to win the AFC North and compete to get in the AFC Championship Game.”