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Peter King loves him some John Dorsey

Longtime NFL writer has high praise for the work Browns general manager has done in a short time.

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Peter King has been covering the NFL for 39 years, starting with The Cincinnati Enquirer in 1980 and continuing to his current Football Morning in America column.

King has picked up a thing or two about the league is all those years, and his opinions still carry some weight.

It is safe to say that Browns fans are going to be very happy about what King has to say about the work general manager John Dorsey has done since arriving in town in December of 2017.

King appeared Monday on the club’s in-house program, Cleveland Browns Daily, and left no doubt that he is a fan of Dorsey.

The offense? Ready to roll! (All quotes courtesy of

“I said it to Dorsey the other day when I talked to him,. Basically, have you felt what you’ve done in the last -- you know, you’ve been on the job 15 months. Look at this team. It’s just a night and day different team. But they certainly have established a template for a very, very exciting offensive team and when Kareem Hunt begins playing sometime in November I guess, a team that could be about as complete offensively as there is.”

Odell Beckham Jr.? He’s going to enjoy getting away from New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

“There is an urgency about football right now inside that team from what I can tell from the outside. And I think that is a really important thing for Odell Beckham to walk into so that ‘hey listen, this train is rolling down the tracks. You’re a big star and you’re going to be a big part of it, but you’ve got to fit in, too.’ Playing with Baker Mayfield is going to be great for him. Because Baker Mayfield is not Eli Manning, Baker Mayfield is more of an Odell-type personality.”

Holes on the roster? Not a worry!

“I would trust John Dorsey to plumb the depths of the safety market, No. 1, and get a reasonably priced guy to come in here after all this huge money has been spent on the position. And then I do think that one of the things that this draft has in abundance is it has second-to-fifth-round safety depth. So I wouldn’t be too worried about what they’re going to do to replace Peppers.”

Dorsey’s “he gets us factor”? Off the charts!

“John Dorsey and I, after the draft ended on Saturday, so all seven rounds are done, John Dorsey and I are sitting there having a Great Lakes beer. And he’s got his Cleveland Browns sweatshirt on that I think he wears to bed. He’s so fired up and he’s so excited .. and you know what he did the next day, his first day off in a while? John Dorsey drove to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and walked around the museum in Canton and got himself all fired up about where he was at this point in his life. And being the general manager of the Cleveland Browns and I’m telling you, there have been times where he thinks about where he is and the job he has and he gets goosebumps. Because he loves pro football history so much, the Browns mean so much to him, Paul Brown and Otto Graham and Jim Brown, those are names that are important to the life of John Dorsey.”

All kidding aside, Dorsey has transformed the Browns in a way that fans have not seen in a very long time. Training camp this summer is going to be even more electric than usual, and once the season begins people who haven’t experienced it will come to understand what it means when fans talk about Cleveland being a Browns town.

And if anyone has any doubts? Just tell them to give Peter King a call - he’ll have no probelm telling you all about the job that Dorsey is doing.