Cleveland Browns Draft Needs - 4 Tiers

This is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the Browns' roster in view of the draft.

I will sort draft needs into 4 tiers. Please use the comments sections to give a different view or point out anything I've missed. So...


QBs - Mayfield, Stanton

Why this tier? - With a franchise QB and a proven backup, I see no need to carry a third QB. We can easily bring in an additional veteran backup during the season if a need should arise. The only other reason to draft a rookie is to setup a future trade chip, but I don't see that as a prioty right now.

WRs - OBJ, Landry, Callaway, Higgins, Willies, Strong, Ratley, Louis.

Why this tier? - We have a WR1 in OBJ. We have three good WR2s in Landry, Callaway and Higgins. We then have a group of good young guys from whom one other solid option may emerge. With no immediate need here, I would see who rises tto the top this year and reassess next year.

RBs - Chubb, Hunt, Johnson Jr, Hilliard.

Why this tier? - Chubb looks like a star 3 down RB in the making. Both he and Hunt are legit RB1s. Factor in Duke and we have too many stars at this position. Hunt's suspension eases this logjam somewhat and he will return at a a time when our guys have taken a few bumps and bruises. Hilliard is a fine 4th option, we simply have no need for another RB at this point.

TEs - Njoku, Harris, DeValve, Charles.

Why this tier? - I went back and forth on this one. It comes down to this - we have two good blockers and two good receivers. If Njoku's blocking improves, we have a true TE1. Harris comes in with a great reputation as a blocker - and upgrade over Fells in this area.

OTs - Robinson, Hubbard, Lamm, Harrison

Why this tier? - Firstly, under Kitchens last season, Robinson and Hubbard were getting it done. Baker was throwing, Chubb was running, things were fine. Secondly, the addition of Lamm gives us a veteran guy who can step in and keep the level of performance from plummeting. Thirdly, Harrison looked like he had real potential. I recently looked back at some of his performances - he reminds me some of Greg Little (from this year's rookie class) in the way he moves. If Harrison has successfully added 15lbs or so, he might be the best OT on the roster.

DEs - Garrett, Vernon, Smith, Avery, Ogbah, Zettel, Thomas

Why this tier? - Garrett and Vernon could be a special tandem. Avery flashed as an edge rusher in year 1. Ogbah, Smith and Zettel are solid rotational pieces. Thomas has talent, this could be the year we get to see what we have in him. There is no need to add to this group right now.


CBs - Ward, Mitchell, Carrie, Gaines, Wilson

Why this tier? - Ward and Mitchell are two good starters as a 1 and 2. Carrie is good in the slot and decent on the outside. Gaines did well enough to be brought back for depth. Wilson is like a rookie, as he returns from injury. Wilson tested well in short area quickness and I really hope this is his year. We probably could do with another veteran here, but I'd consider taking a guy in the draft to compete with Wilson also.

OGs/C - Bitonio, Tretter, Corbett, Kush

Why this tier? - I like our starting three. Corbett to my eyes will be an excellent guard. Kush can cover for any of these guys and hold his own. We need a rookie to be that extra layer of depth. We can get a mid-round guy and groom him behind Kush.


FS - Randall

Why this tier? - No problem with Randall as a starter. But after seeing BBC leave in Free Agency, we really have no credible backup on the roster. We really need to find a guy to learn behind Randall.

DTs - Ogunjobi, Richardson, Coley, Davis, Lawrence.

Why this tier? - Starters are solid. Coley is really the only credible backup and he is nothing special. Time to find a rookie with some starter potential. This group needs to be able to rotate in order to be productive.


SS - Kindred

Why this tier? - Kindred isn't terrible. But he is not going to be a top 15 SS in the league. Behind Kindred we have no real backup option. We should look to take a guy who we think can push Kindred back down into a backup role.

LBs - Schobert, Kirksey, Taylor, Armstrong

Why this tier? - I don't particularly like any of our linebackers. I haven't listed Avery here, but he will obviously take some snaps. I prefer what he offers coming off the edge. Taylor might be a solid run defender. Schobert is good versus the pass, but a bit wimpy against strong downhill runners. Kirko has never particularly impressed me as a starter. Armstrong is our backup. This group needs more talent. There are guys in this draft who can come in and compete for serious playing time here.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Please share your own evaluations and ideas in the comments below. What did you think of the 4 tiers?

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