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OT Greg Little: How Would Drafting this Player Make the Browns Better?

Round One potential draftee is already NFL-ready

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The Browns may or may not need a RT or LT this year. They recently signed incumbent LT Greg Robinson to a one-year extension who at the time was being paid at the NFL minimum and then proceeded to have a banner year while playing only half the season as the starter. On the other side, RT Chris Hubbard was paid a king’s ransom and has not played up to expectations. Plus, Cleveland could save quite a bit from his original $36.5 million contract if they let him go.

Which would make a job opening.

OT Desmond Harrison was inserted as the starter but was sidelined with an illness and viewed as erratic and now positioned as a backup.

The two highest-rated OTs in this year’s draft are Alabama’s Jonah Williams and Jawaan Taylor of Florida. Both should be gone once the Browns select at number 17 in the first-round, but if either would happen to slide expect GM John Dorsey to knock everyone down in order to get Cleveland’s card up to the podium.

Little was a three-year starter in the tough SEC against tough competition and shined. Even if the Browns kept both Robinson and Hubbard, a year of learning is exactly what an offensive lineman should have anyway. Regardless, once Little consumes the playbook he would be ready to take on either side. The Browns currently are on the fringe of one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, and adding Little would simply add more strength to an already strong position. He is dynamic in pass blocking with a huge, beefy body and extremely strong.

If the Browns did indeed draft him in the first-round, Little would secure either tackle spot for the next 10 years. He could start year one or become a solid backup waiting for his turn to become one of the anchors.


College: Ole Miss
Height: 6’-6”
Weight: 325 pounds
40-time: 5.33
Career Games: 32


  • Loaded with athleticism
  • Three-year starter in the tough SEC
  • Excellent pass blocker
  • Long arms and big hands
  • Unlimited potential
  • First Team All-SEC 2018
  • Second Team All-SEC 2017
  • Second Team All-American 2018
  • Has played LT and RT
  • Father played for the Buccaneers as a LB


  • Consistency
  • Good but not great run blocker
  • Slow-footed at times

Expert Draft Site Analysis

The key to keeping the QB safe is drafting offensive linemen. Ole Miss’ Greg Little has excellent length, size and power, and he has the foundation to play either left or right tackle. His impact in the run game would be felt immediately as he clears out second-level linebackers and opens up the middle of the field. Finding an offensive tackle with starting talent in Round 1 is a steal they can’t pass on.

If the Browns resign Robinson and kept Hubbard and Little is available with the 17th pick, should Cleveland land Little as depth and a future starter?