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2019 Browns DBN Big Board: 11-15 Results, Vote for Slots 16-20

The 11-15 players are in for the Browns’ big board, and now you can vote for slots 16-20.

Iowa v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

After 158 votes, the 11-15 slots for the Browns’ DBN Big Board are as follows:

11. TE T.J. Hockenson -- 241 total points
12. DL Rashan Gary -- 237 total points
13. CB Byron Murphy -- 222 total points
14. OL Andre Dillard -- 215 total points
15. DE/OLB Clelin Ferrell -- 177 total points

The breakdown of the votes are as follows:

Cumulative Browns’ DBN Big Board

1. DE/OLB Nick Bosa
2. DL Quinnen Williams
3. DE/OLB Josh Allen
4. LB Devin White
5. DL Ed Oliver
6. DE/OLB Montez Sweat
7. LB Devin Bush
8. OL Jonah Williams
9. CB Greedy Williams
10. DL Christian Wilkins
11. TE T.J. Hockenson
12. DL Rashan Gary
13. CB Byron Murphy
14. OL Andre Dillard
15. DE/OLB Clelin Ferrell

Compiling the Big Board: 16-20 Slots

Now it’s time to vote for the players who will be in the 16-20 slots on the Browns’ DBN Big Board. Remember that you are supposed to weigh a combination of talent, need, character, positional value, etc. for each player you vote for in relation to how they would fit with the Browns.

If there are any players you wanted to vote for but who were missing from the list, please let us know in the comments section so we can include them in the next round. Please vote only once.