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DE John Cominsky: How Would Drafting this Player in Round 4 Make the Browns Better?

ROUND FOUR potential draftee has Sports Illustrated’s seal of approval

NFL: Combine
John Cominsky at the 2019 combine
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you like underdogs, Charleston’s John Cominsky is your man. The Browns will make the defense the focus of their draft and need new blood to push the starters to their limits and also to provide quality backups to come in and take some plays away. Cominsky is just that player.

And considering the strength of the upcoming draft class at several positions of need on the Browns’ defense, which makes a lot of sense. This year is an exceptional draft for defensive end/EDGE rushers. The Browns need help and depth at all levels of their defense especially now that former second-rounder Emmanuel Ogbah has been traded. That leaves Chris Smith, Chad Thomas, Lenny Jones and Anthony Zettel as backups to starters Myles Garrett and Vernon Olivier. Out of that group, Smith seems to have the most upside.

What the Browns would love to do is have three quality DEs and three DTs ready to play at all times. Cominsky could fall right into Oghah’s vacated substitution spot.

The fourth-round at the number 119 slot (17th in this round) is an ideal place to land a player who will need some seasoning and structure in order to transition to the pro level. Cominsky is a high-motor guy without any quit and had over 200 tackles for his school. He is very quick but might need more pounds and bulk for NFL-caliber offensive linemen. He could become a special teams demon until he learns the EDGE position and eventually transitions into a regular contributor.


College: Charleston
Height: 6’-5”
Weight: 275 pounds
40-time: 4.69
Career Tackles: 206
Career Interceptions: 0
Career Sacks: 15
Career Pass Defended: 10


  • Coachable
  • Excellent speed
  • Anticipates pass sets
  • Weight room junkie
  • Division II All-American
  • Excelled at the Senior Bowl
  • Considered best small school prospect


  • Needs more bulk to take on bigger O-linemen
  • Will overrun plays
  • Small school competition concerns
  • Can he be an every down player?
  • Will get lost in draft-heavy DE class

Expert Draft Site Analysis

Sports Illustrated:

John Cominsky is one of the most unique stories of the draft. Shaquem Griffin was the story of the draft last year, but this year I think it will be John Cominsky. He came in as a quarterback, 6’ 2”, 210 or something like that and now he’s 6’ 5”, 275. He is really athletic for a kid that size, so he is a mismatch against guards because he is so athletic. He can really run. Teams right now are really intrigued by the athlete and the tools, it’s going to be how quickly can he put it together to rise to the occasion against better competition? But he’s dominated at the D-II level like you want to see a D-II guy do. Teams are enamored with his athleticism.

Coming from a small school program, does that scare you if you see the Browns drafting John Cominsky?