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Beat writers ranked every NFL club from 1 to 32

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Every mock draft site has its opinions on which players are rated as the top-flight athletes. And every one of these sites has a completely different viewpoint from the other sites. writers Dan Parr and Gennaro Filice have only one job, and that is to cover the NFL and the happenings of the league. Of course, the most recent event was the NFL college draft held April 25-27 in Nashville. The draft is where every club can infuse young talent and improve every aspect of their roster.

And now that the draft has come and gone, Parr and Filice have tabulated their opinions on which clubs did themselves the most good, and which didn’t help themselves that much at all.

The duo’s list has the Browns recorded at number 21 with a grade of “B”. That’s 21 out of 32 teams.

Part of their reasoning is the lack of a first-round selection since their number 17 slot was part of the trade for All-World wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. Of course, the selection of all of these players won’t be revealed as boom or bust until at least three years from now.

Which is also part of Parr’s and Filice’s evaluation. They assess that the Giants needed bodies to help their core right now, not years down the road. They also assert that several blue-chip defensive players, such as DE Josh Allen, LB Devin Bush and DT Ed Oliver, were all sitting there waiting to hear their names called.

Here is part of their take on the Browns draft:

This grade would be a C if it were based solely on the picks they made, but we’re taking the OBJ trade into account, which bumps it up. He was well worth the price of their first- and third-rounder (and Jabrill Peppers) this year. As for the picks, Williams was easily the best one Cleveland made. He was a first-round value in Round 2, so John Dorsey traded up a few spots to get the long, speedy CB, despite the concerns about whether he’ll be competitive enough in run support. If you would have told Browns fans back in January that we’re going to take your top three picks and turn them into OBJ and Greedy Williams, they would be ecstatic, to say the least.

The two analysts seem ecstatic of how far CB Greedy Williams fell, especially since he was projected in the middle of the first-round and survived until the 46th pick. They like the Browns’ first fifth-round choice of LB Mack Wilson of Alabama, but aren’t sure he is a pass defender which is a pressing need for the Browns.

Later, the duo added some thoughts on another need area for the Browns in the defensive backfield:

Aside from Greedy, though, we’re not sure there’s a starter in this bunch for Cleveland. It was a surprise to see Takitaki come off the board so early given his ups and downs in college and tweener traits, but he could become a core special-teamer and backup. We’re a little higher on the Redwine pick, which gave them a versatile guy who can also become a key cog on special teams. Wilson saw his stock plummet this offseason, but he could turn out to be a steal if he puts it all together.

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The Browns have two picks that could become starters in Week 1 with Williams and Redwine, plus added depth on the offensive line with OG Drew Forbes from Southeast Missouri. The analysts then closed out their assessment:

Seibert was the draft’s top kicker and could prove worthy of the pick. There’s just not a lot here to have major confidence in, but it bears repeating -- OBJ!

Other AFC North teams ranked were the Bengals at number 10 (grade A-), the Ravens at number 12 with a “B+” grade, and the Steelers at number 26 (B-).