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Browns GM John Dorsey loves messing with Colts GM Chris Ballard on draft day

The Browns’ GM could definitely sit back and relax on draft day this year.

Indianapolis Colts Introduce Frank Reich Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Indianapolis Colts posted a 20-minute video that took an inside look at how they conduct their draft. You get to see how the room operates as the Colts are on the clock, and that includes the first round when GM Chris Ballard received a trade offer from the Washington Redskins.

As Ballard is contemplating the offer, the phone rings again, and the caption says that Browns GM John Dorsey is calling. Upon first viewing, my reaction was, “whoa, we’re about to get insight into one of the spots Dorsey was interested in moving up to in the first round!” That thought was quickly squashed when Ballard picked up the phone, said, “I’m working,” and hung up. You can see it unfold just after the two-minute mark of the video.

The video then cuts to Ballard laughing and explaining what that was about:

“John’s like a brother. Every year during draft day, when we get on the pick, I usually get this call from Dorsey. I always know that [if he calls] on the pick, then it’s usually he’s joking and trying to get me riled up during the middle of trying to make a decision.”

Dorsey and Ballard worked together in the Kansas City Chiefs’ front office. You can watch the entirety of the segment below; it’s worth sticking around for besides just the Browns’ brief role in it.