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Results of the 2019 DBN Mock Draft Picks

A quick look back at how our staff performed.

Before the draft, 4 staff members from Dawgs By Nature, as well as the community, put together mock drafts. How did all of us do?

I go off of the scoring system that The Huddle Report uses to grade mock drafts, where you get 1 point if the player you picked was drafted at least somewhere in the first round, and you get an additional 2 points if you matched that player with the team that chose them. If a trade happened at a spot and the trade was not predicted, the maximum a person could receive for that spot is 1 point. The results are listed below:

DBN Mock Draft Results

  1. 28 points: Chris Pokorny, Barry Shuck, DBN Community
  2. 27 points: rufio
  3. 24 points: Thomas Moore

To see everyone’s picks and scores together, here is the Excel file I made. Thanks to everybody who participated!