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Sporting News: Browns uniforms among the NFL’s worst

Cleveland at No. 30 on list of league’s uniform rankings, but help is on the way in 2020.

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns will debut new uniforms for the 2020 NFL season, an event that cannot arrive soon enough for Tadd Haislop at The Sporting News.

Haislop took a stab at ranking the uniforms worn by the league’s 32 teams from best to worst, and while the Browns are a team on the rise, their uniforms are decidedly lacking as they come in at No. 30:

Change is coming, and it can’t arrive soon enough. Credit the Browns for at least trying to establish a fresh look back in 2015, but they went over the top with “Cleveland” on the chest and “Browns” down the pant leg. The brown facemasks, as opposed to white or even gray, were a step in the wrong direction. (Of course, Cleveland is behind the eight ball in terms of its uniform design with brown being a primary color.)

The Browns’ best look came in the mid 1980s - the classic orange helmets with white facemasks; relatively simple striping; white pants with orange socks. Hopefully their new, “nothing fancy” uniforms in 2020 will be something like that look.

Also: No, Cleveland’s Color Rush uniforms do not look good. They resemble a turd from a dog that has recently consumed an orange crayon.

There are a few missteps in Haislop’s take on the uniforms, as brown is a perfectly suitable color for a team named the Browns. And the Cleveland wordmark on the jersey is not all together objectionable.

He’s right about the team name on the pants leg, however, as that looks like something straight out of the Mountain West Conference. And the helmets do look better with a different color for the facemask, preferably white.

Haislop absolutely nailed the bullseye with the Color Rush uniforms, which only look good compared to what the Browns currently wear on a regular basis, as evidenced by this Tweet from the team’s official Twitter account:

The good news is that change is on the way after this season, and with co-owner Dee Haslam stating that “I think we got it right this time,” there is hope that a return to a more-professional look for Cleveland’s No. 1 team is on the horizon.