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Browns plan to keep current helmet design

New uniforms are on tap for 2020, but the club will not mess with its iconic helmet.

Cleveland Browns Mandatory Mini Camp

The Cleveland Browns will debut a much-needed uniform makeover for the 2020 season.

While the specifics of what the new uniforms will look like are a close-held team secret, there is one bit of good news as the team will not touch its iconic helmet.

That bit of news comes straight from David Jenkins, the team’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, in an interview with on 92.3 The Fan Friday morning:

“The helmet will remain untouched. Our fans want the helmets as they are.”

That is good news and should give Browns fans hope that the team will get this uniform redesign right, unlike the current mess that the team has worn since 2015 and is routinely listed among the league’s worst uniforms.

One way to fix that particular problem this season is for the team to wear its monochromatic color rush uniform as much as possible. While that set is nothing special, it is better than the regular uniforms and grew in popularity with fans last season.

The hiccup in that plan is that the NFL limits how often a team can wear its color rush set - because killing fun is apparently part of the league office’s business plan - and has not issued a ruling on the Browns request to wear the color rush uniforms up to eight times this fall.

According to 92.3 The Fan, there are numerous reasons the NFL may say “no” to the Browns, primarily:

Unlike the Los Angles Chargers, who received permission to wear their iconic powder blues as a primary uniform this season, the Browns’ ‘color rush’ uniforms don’t meet that standard. They are special promotional uniform introduced a few years ago as part of the NFL’s ‘color rush’ initiative introduced for all 32 teams.

Even if the NFL denies the Browns the opportunity to wear the color rush uniforms for half the season, the team will still roll them out as often as the league will allow them, with the primetime games the most likely candidates.