Politics- Who will emerge?

After another bonanza of platitudes, the Democratic primary field appears as murky as ever. Joe Biden appears on the brink of dementia, but he still leads in the polls by a wide margin. Bernie and Warren appear crisp and on brand. Are they too far left for large swaths of America? Are they just pinatas for right wing media? Kamala appears to be mostly style over substance. Are any of the second tier candidates in a position to make a play into the first tier?

The media seems more heavy handed than ever in shaping the opinions and determining "winners" and "losers." Do they really have a pulse on how democratic, independent, and never Trump voters really feel? I heard several incisive and appealing ideas from lesser known candidates that seem to get little to no coverage.

As a resident of New York city, surrounded by mostly progressives, it's difficult to get a pulse on what is the most effective path to extinguishing the terminal cancer that grows in the white house currently. There are many issues on which I have strong opinions, but recognize that compromises may be necessary for the greater good.

I am curious to hear your thoughts and takeaways, etc... Or maybe we should just all agree that Bill DiBlasio is the president we never knew we needed....


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