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Gregg Williams’ Responses to Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens Running Game

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens

Wrapping up the series on Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens’ running game, this week’s video looks at Gregg Williams’ responses to the Ravens’ scheme.

In typical Williams fashion, the Browns’ approach was to use deception and aggression in an attempt to disrupt the offense. After the Browns were gashed for several big runs and TDs in the first half, they adjusted to play a more straightforward style in the second half, which led to better results.

I expect new Defensive Coordinator Steve Wilks to be less aggressive in 2019. His style may generate fewer splashy plays on defense, but should be more sound an reliable. And based on what we’ve seen from this defensive line so far, the scheme might only need to unleash the front four in order to be effective.