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Browns fans’ confidence drops to 68% heading into Week 2

And nationally, Cleveland was voted the most disappointing team of Week 1, followed by Pittsburgh

The second week of FanPulse voting is in, heading into Week 2 of the NFL season. If you haven’t signed up to vote each week, you can still do so here.

All it takes is one loss to press the panic button a bit. The Browns hovered in the upper 90-percent in fan confidence all offseason, and it was at 99% heading into the first week of the season. After a 30-point loss to the Titans, though, the team took a 31% hit in fan confidence, which now stands at 68%.

Cleveland suffered the 9th biggest drop of the week. The team with the second biggest drop was the Pittsburgh Steelers, who went from 84% confidence to just 21% confidence. Speaking of the Steelers, this week’s national poll asked which fans about the team they felt had the most disappointing Week 1 performance. The Browns were the top-vote getter among a selection of four teams, attaining nearly half of the votes while the Steelers, Bears, and Falcons garnered the other half.