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Baker Mayfield and Antonio Brown battle it out on social media

Embattled former NFL star receiver has lots of time to devote to social media these days.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Antonio Brown saga just won’t die.

After being cut from the Oakland Raiders and then the New England Patriots and now currently unemployed, the former NFL wide receiver got into a battle of wits with Los Angeles Rams safety Eric Weddle last week on Twitter. He then battled Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield on Saturday.

To be fair, if you want to know who started the verbal attack it could be traced to Mayfield who put a photo of himself on Instagram in an Oklahoma Sooners uniform during gameday of college football. The caption stated, “Just some undersized walk-on...keep that same energy” which was supposed to be about his own journey towards the NFL. A fan tweeted back, “Win football games. That speaks louder than these AB’ish style posts.” Mayfield’s response back was “you’re right. Let me call out my teammates and throw a fit about my helmet then go freeze my feet off.”

This meant it was Antonio Brown’s turn on Twitter:

Brown then submitted one more tweet, but then deleted it. That message stated:

“Sorry ass Chico keep rolling right you ain’t done nothing in this league the internet only place u would ever talk too or about me; you know u get beat quick slice u up some humble pie.”

Brown has been accused of sexual assault by two women, one a former contract employee that was hired to paint a mural in Brown’s home at the rate of $1,000 a day. The latter woman became the end result that caused the Patriots to waive Brown after playing only a single game.

It has also been reported that Brown is in the process of filing a grievance against the Raiders for lost income, which reportedly was at one point a $30 million guarantee. Neither the Raiders nor the Patriots have paid Brown any funds this year. The NFLPA is reportedly gotten involved into Brown’s grievance proceedings.

Here are a few of the tweets between Brown and Weddle that occurred on Thursday and went back-and-forth for 20 minutes and began with Brown’s tweet that stated that the league needed him and that he was like test answers. This resulted in New York Giants wide receiver responding with “What?” to which Weddle then chimed in, “Def don’t.” Then Brown began his session with Weddle:

Here are the nine grievances and appeals that Brown is filing:

• Fine appeals with the Oakland Raiders: $215,000

• Salary guarantees with Oakland: $29 million

• Signing bonus with Raiders: $1 million

• Oakland’s unpaid Week 1 salary: $860,000

• New England Patriots salary guarantee: $1 million

• Patriots signing bonus: $9 million

• Patriots’ unpaid Week 3 salary: $64,000

• Patriots’ option year in 2020: $20 million