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The new Dawgs By Nature T-shirts have arrived just in time to kick off the new season!

Check out our brand new merchandise here!

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After all of these years, it’s about time that we got some t-shirts for our actual blog, Dawgs By Nature! If you’ve been a fan of the site for many years, think about ordering one now! You might be surprised who recognizes you because of it.

A couple weeks ago, I was in an Italian restaurant (I am a regular, so they know me). The person taking my order told me that somehow, another Christopher Pokorny was in there two hours earlier. The restaurant person mentioned to them about another Chris Pokorny, and that person said, “Oh, maybe it’s the guy who runs the Browns blog,” to which I told the restaurant person, “I am the guy who does the Browns blog!”

I listed the grey shirt first, because I know it’ll be a much more popular choice, as it was among our staff.

Looking for more Browns apparel? Visit our new Dawgs By Nature Browns FanShop for jerseys, hats, and more!