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Former Browns offensive coordinator Todd Monken hired by Georgia

It felt like he was never here.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Practice Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

On Friday, the Georgia Bulldogs announced that they have hired former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Todd Monken as their new offensive coordinator. One of the more amusing things I saw related to it was Georgia’s announcement, in which they omitted any mention of his involvement with the Browns in 2019:

The whole story of Cleveland hiring Monken was a mess. Freddie Kitchens had just been named the Browns’ head coach, and Monken was a bit of a hot name in the NFL after leading the Buccaneers to one of the top statistical offenses in the NFL in 2018. Him coming to Cleveland and accepting a non-playcalling role seemed like a step back — but the feeling was that maybe Cleveland’s offense had so much potential that it would help fast track his path to being a head coach somewhere.

Instead, the two never got on the same page. Monken would work on gameplans and installs during the week, while Kitchens would call plays on gameday, minimizing Monken’s contributions to the team. I’m sure Monken saw 2019 as a big wasted year for his coaching career, so resetting back to the college game is a good step for him.

Cleveland might retain some of their assistants under new head coach Kevin Stefanski, but those decisions will be happening in the coming week or so.