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Senior Bowl Diary: Tuesday

Many players displayed their talent for scouts and coaches

NCAA Football: Maryland at Ohio State
Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver K.J. Hill (14)
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl is in full swing amidst winter-like weather in Mobile, Alabama. Players are doing their best to impress the approximately 700 scouts, coaches and full media.

Tuesday’s practice held several players who were impressive and some not so much. But the game has multiple practice sessions coached by the Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals in which an athlete can improve and show his skillset.

Offensive Line

Michigan guard Ben Bredeson is a massive man with powerful strides. He was dominate in the one-on-one drills with the defensive line and consistently pushed aside players such as Davon Hamilton of Ohio State and North Carolina State’s Larrell Murchinson. He is also a versatile lineman and can play either side – and has in the past.

Josh Jones from Houston was also impressive. He looks lean for a tackle, but has bull strength although Michigan State defensive end Kenny Willekes did push right past him during the one-on-ones, but only once. A true leftside guy, Jones should be a good second-round pickup for someone.

U-Conn guard Matt Peart was beat bad and often. His biggest nemesis was each time DE Jason Strowbridge from North Carolina ended up on his rotation.

Tackle Justin Herrron of Wake Forest will make someone a fine guard in this year’s draft. Has good steady feet and can really drive.

Clemson tackle Tremayne Anchrum is a massive body with great strength. He has issues with much quicker defensive ends, but did show great recovery skills on most drills that he was beaten. Definitely a second day guy who will need some time with a good mentor.

Wide Receivers

Write this name down: Antonio Gandy-Golden. He played for tiny Liberty and is not yet a known guy, but this dude catches everything thrown his way. Big guy (6’,4”) with nine foot arms it seemed at times. Excellent route-running to boot.

Another impressive pass catcher is Ohio State’s K.J. Hill. Very strong route-running who acts like he knows he is going to get the ball especially when the coverage is tight. This guy will cause problems for many a defensive back.

Tennessee’s Jauan Jennings is very fluid, makes great cuts but lacks the skill to make adjustments on poorly thrown balls. Knows what to do with the rock once he catches it though.

Quartney Davis of Texas A&M has average size but is very quick with excellent acceleration. Had some issues in live drills with defensive backs especially midst the press. Also had problems when the coverage was tight and did not seem to be able to separate.

Another poor showing was from Notre Dame’s Chase Claypool. He had too many drops and his adjustment to the flight of the ball was not good on this windy afternoon. Game days are not going to be any different, especially on cold days.

Brandon Aiyuk from Arizona State is going to make someone very happy. He is speedy and is a bit deceptive on his routes. Defensive backs such as Alabama’s Jared Mayden were fooled more than once which left the receiver wide open.

The following is not a receiver but a tight end, but look for Dayton’s Adam Trautman to find a good home. Strong and a possessive blocker, smart with excellent hands. Has an electrical engineering degree.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan
Michigan Wolverines linebacker Josh Uche (6)
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports


Akeem Davis-Gaither of Appalachian State has a good nose for where the ball is headed, and the speed to get there. Only 215 pounds, but he best quality is speed.

Michigan’s Josh Uche was the dominant player in every one-on-one drills, especially with blocking tight ends. He has a great first burst despite his meaty 250 pound frame.

Logan Wilson from Wyoming is going to make a fine pro. He fought off most guards and will provide a huge tackling presence.

Defensive line

Most impressive was Oklahoma DT Neville Gallimore. In the one-on-ones, most drills he swished around his Oline counterpart. Is just a strong guy who will bull rush and has good consistency. He is clearly a special talent and stated that his best feature was run stopping.

Jabari Zuniga from Florida was equally impressive in the 3 technique and 5 technique. The defensive end can win to the outside with ease with quickness.


One of the day’s worst news was that Cal’s Ashtyn Davis would not practice this week because of a groin injury. He is probably a second-round selection.

The most impressive performance of the day can be bestowed on Notre Dame’s Jalen Elliott. He will likely be more of a deep back player and has good recovery speed and the ability to see how the play is unfolding.

Mississippi State’s Brian Cole is a larger-framed safety and had some issues responding to balls thrown to the other side and his getting back over to help in tackling situations. But he doesn’t have any issues coming over to help out in the run game and seemed to easily recognize a running play opportunity.


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