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Interview: Prince Tega Wanogho – Auburn LT

Offensive tackle prospect has speed for a big man

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn
Auburn Tigers running back Kerryon Johnson (21) runs behind the block of lineman Prince Tega Wanogho (76) 
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Prince Tega Wanogho – Auburn LT

6’6”, 305 pounds, 4.83 40 time

Projected round: Second

Q: At what point did you learn that the offensive side of football was the sport for you?

A: I came to Auburn as a defensive player, but found the offense easier to play and not get as tired as the games wore on. In my second year at Auburn I had to choose between the two, and had been placed at right tackle and liked the job.

Q: When did you give up basketball?

A: I broke my leg in high school and didn’t have quite the jumping abilities.

Q: What did you come to the Senior Bowl to prove?

A: That I deserve to be here among all these great players, and that I can compete with some of the best in the nation. That is my own mindset. I am a lot quicker than most everybody think. I can run.

Q: What will NFL teams find out about you this week?

A: I am an intelligent player and at the end of the day I am not a guy you are going to have to worry about off-the-field. At the same time, I am going to sell myself to the opposition and show them I am going to prove myself every day.

Q: At any point did you guard, and if so which side?

A: I have never played guard.

Q: Have you ever played right tackle?

A: In 2016 I played the entire season.

Q: Do you consider your strength to be run blocking or pass blocking?

A: I would say both. If I had to choose I would have to say pass blocking. But I love the running game and move bodies out of the way.

Q: Is it important to come in and start your first year?

A: That is my mindset. There are going to be veterans and people who know the system better than me at first, but its a job and I want to be the best at my job. That’s me – I am going to compete.

Q: What was your favorite NFL team growing up?

A: Not one. I grew up in Nigeria so we didn’t see American football much. I played center back in soccer and wanted to be a professional soccer player when I grew up. But I developed a lot bigger than soccer and here I am. Soccer is my training for running, though. I can run.