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Interviews: Safeties Ashtyn Davis - Cal & Alohi Gilman - Notre Dame

Oregon Ducks QB Justin Herbert (10) runs the ball and is forced out of bounds by California Golden Bears S Ashtyn Davis (27) 
Photo by Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ashtyn Davis – Cal S

6”, 4” 195 pounds, 40 time: 4.39

Projected round: 2

Q: How much film do you normally watch and what goes into that?

A: If you see a receiver and he keeps using the same technique over-and-over again in a certain lineup, that can have value to you and at some point you can use that knowledge.

Q: What do you do when you watch film of yourself?

A: You evaluate what you did on certain situations. If you line up poorly on one play, what would it take on a similar play the next time? Or you miss a check. You ask yourself what you could have done and self-evaluate. And with bad plays, you have to take full responsibility for and learn.

Q: What players do you follow in the NFL?

A: I like Harrison Smith and Earl Thomas who have pretty good range to the post. They are good at what they do and not necessarily the fastest guys, but they still make plays. I try to incorporate some of those things into my game.

Q: What type of things do you like to do away from football?

A: I’m not too social, but I like to do things outside like hiking. If its been a long day I will play some video games or put on a movie. I grew up in the redwoods so I will go and hit golf balls into the woods or hike around.

Q: You aren’t practicing this week and have been scratched. What is the injury?

A: I developed a groin injury towards the end of the year. It’s almost healed now, but I am here at the Senior Bowl and will do all the tests and meetings and certainly take part of all the practices but won’t actually practice. At the end of the season I went and got treatment and will be fine. Not quite 100% but on my way there.

Q: Will you be ready for the combine?

A: That’s my goal. My hope is that it doesn’t affect my 40 time.

Q: How would you describe your play for NFL coaches and scouts?

A: I am a guy who is consistent, I feel I am very smart and my biggest asset is my speed. But I don’t have a problem reaching out to guys who have played a lot and ask questions and learn from what they know either.

NCAA Football: Virginia at Notre Dame
Alohi Gilman (11) intercepts a pass
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Alohi Gilman – Notre Dame S

5’, 10” 202 pounds, 40 time: 4.5

Projected round: 4-6

Q: Would you feel you are more of a deep pass centerfield safety, or would you prefer to come down in the box more?

A: I feel I can do both pretty well. That obviously depends on the other team’s scheme. At Notre Dame we were a two-high team match-match.

Q: Are you hoping to go to an NFL team that plays match?

A: That would just make it easier, but really you learn a new system when you have to. Any new coach usually brings in his system and terminology and you have to adjust. I have learned a lot the past couple of years and have had to adjust.

Q: Where is your comfort level – up on guys or with a buffer and react off the cornerback?

A: I played corner in high school, so my knowledge of what they are doing helps me. And usually after five yards it is going to be up to me, five vertical.

Q: How would you describe your abilities?

A: Just a guy who has good instincts, versatile, can play deep safety or nickel. Good in the run game as well as blitz. I am definitely a guy who can be moved around a lot

Q: What about special teams?

A: Definitely special teams. I love to fly down on the kickoff, punt coverage – you want me to hold on field goals I will learn that, too.

Q: Is your strength strong safety or free safety?

A: I am comfortable with both.

Q: What are your skills in the run game, or are you just a cover guy?

A: I don’t have a problem coming down in the box and stopping the run. And I have the speed to get back in deep coverage.

Q: What were some of your favorite players growing up?

A: I was a Darren Sproles fan growing up as a kid. I was undersized, unassuming. So now I am still a bit undersized with a chip on his shoulder, but I walk around and feel I can dominant. I wasn’t raised with video games. I was raised to go outside. My father was a tough love kind of guy.