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Interview: Josh Jones - Houston LT

NCAA Football: Texas Kickoff-Oklahoma vs Houston
Houston Cougars offensive lineman Josh Jones (74) 
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Jones – Houston LT

6’, 5” 310 pounds, 40 time: 5.25

Projected round: 2

Q: Your college program threw the ball quite a bit. Does that make you just a pass blocker?

A: This year we were more balanced than in previous years, so my abilities in the run game improved. It’s just a matter of attacking your man instead of waiting for him to come to you and then deal with him. I just get the job done. I really picked up this past year with my run blocking, but feel I am dominant at pass blocking.

Q: What separates an average tackle from a Pro Bowl caliber player?

A: Mindset and experience. It’s a battle every single play and you can’t allow your opponent to think that he can beat you at any time. You have to get it into his head that you know you are dominating him, and he knows there is nothing he can do to change that.

Q: What do you do when you realize that the pocket has collapsed or your quarterback is now scrambling around looking for somebody to throw to?

A: You can’t keep your head on a swivel and look back there. You have to stay with your man and try to dominate him and hopefully my guy won’t be able to leave my block and make a play.

Q: Are you strictly a leftside guy?

A: I’ve only played left so far. I’ve never been asked to play right, so if I’m asked to switch sides then I will learn how to do it.

Q: Is the main difference a different stance, or ever played guard?

A: It’s a different stance, a little brain activity to work on to set yourself into position to get the job done. Have never played guard.

Q: You were projected as a first or second round pick before last season yet you decided to stay and play a fifth year at Houston. Why?

A: So, most heard I was going to come out early, but I felt it was a rushed decision. I talked it over with my mom and dad and thought about it day-in and day-out. It felt rushed and decided I wasn’t ready yet.

Q: The system at Houston threw quite a bit. Did this prepare you for the pass happy NFL?

A: Yeh man. Every team we had while I was there passed quite a bit, but eventually we were a very balanced offense. But those early years taught me how to contain my guy and keep the pressure off. I just work at it and am happy at where I am.

Houston v Rice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Q: As a rookie, are you expecting to start your first year, or would you be content to sit a year and learn?

A: That decision would be with the team. I would come in and compete for a starting position and have that mindset from Day 1. And if I win the starting job I will do it. If they want me to sit a year and learn from the other guys I will be like a sponge and do that, too.

Q: The Browns have hired Bill Callahan as the offensive line coach with 39 years of coaching experience. Are you looking for a system that has an experienced line coach?

A: I know every position has its good coaches and average and would be grateful for somebody who has coached the line and likes what he does. Callahan has that next level ideas and thoughts and has seen what is best and what tricks he can give me. He wants me to succeed just like I want me to succeed.

Q: Who is your favorite player in the NFL?

A: Right now it is Lane Johnson. And Laremy Tunsil with the Texans. He is a massive human being and athletic.

Q: You also played basketball in high school. At what point did you decide to stick with football?

A: In my junior year of high school, I had about 20 offers to play football and only one in basketball. So, it kinda picked itself.

Q: What do you see yourself doing after your NFL career is over?

A: I want to be an athletic director at some college. I have my degree in sports management administration.