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Interviews: Neville Gallimore - Oklahoma DT & Jabari Zuniga - Florida DE

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Baylor
Neville Gallimore (90) and Baylor Bears quarterback Charlie Brewer (12) 
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Neville Gallimore – Oklahoma DT

6’, 2” 301 pounds, 40 time: 4.86

Projected round: 1-2

Q: You are a three-down player. What is the value in that as a pass rusher?

A: It just adds value to my play. You don’t have to take me out on obvious passing downs because I can get back into the backfield just like an end. I am an asset that can do really well against the run and try to put pressure on the quarterback. I am like a Swiss army knife, jack-of-all-trades.

Q: Getting into the backfield, is that something you feel is your specialty or can you help against the run?

A: I also feel I have been blessed with athletic ability so getting into the backfield is important to me and have worked hard. The run game is something I needed to work on this past year and worked hard on it and felt I was disruptive.

Q: What do you offer an NFL team?

A: A guy that is hungry that can make plays. A D-lineman who can play all three downs, give max effort and be a great teammate.

Q: Have you played the nose in a 3-4 or are you strictly a 4-3 tackle?

A: 2018 I was lined up more head-upon and last year was spread out near the guard more which allowed me more opportunities to rush the passer and showcase those abilities. So I have played both and understand the dynamics of each position. I have even been bounced out at defensive end some in my first year.

Q: Which is your strength: run stopping or pass rushing?

A: I feel rushing the passer I do well, but at the same time I have been able to show I can help with the run.

Q: Name some favorite players when you were younger.

A: Guys like Tommy Harris, Ndamjkong Suh, J.J. Watt. No skill players because I always loved the big men.

Q: What do you see yourself doing after your playing career is over?

A: Probably working at a school in my hometown. I want to be able to be a part of young people’s lives and help with their development.

NCAA Football: Florida at Miami
Florida Gators defensive lineman Jabari Zuniga (92) sacks Miami Hurricanes quarterback Jarren Williams (15)
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jabari Zuniga – Florida EDGE

6’4”, 296 pounds, 4.64 40 time

Projected round: 3

Q: You had some injury problems this past year. What frustrations did you have not being able to play in those important games in the SEC schedule?

A: It was frustrating. I wanted to help my team and go the National Championship. I was injured, but at the same time that is football. It was just God’s plan.

Q: Any lingering effects from your injuries?

A: I feel good now. I am training every day at a fitness place and am back to where I was before the injury.

Q: Florida has placed a lot of players into the NFL. What would it be for you to be placed in that list of names into that tradition?

A: We have had a lot of good guys play and like you said it is part of the tradition at Florida. When I was recruited, the coaches talked about the D-Line at Florida and where guys ended up. I feel its just my job to compete and fill those shoes that others set for me.

Q: What is the strength of your game?

A: I feel like I am a very versatile player especially in passing situations. I have done good rushing from the 3 technique.

Q: What is your focus this week at the Senior Bowl?

A: To show coaches what I can do. Learning to be stronger and getting more involved in the run game.