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Baker Mayfield comes off very humble, and motivated to work during interviews in Miami

No controversy, no smack talk: Mayfield is looking to put his head down and work from now on.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Practice Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was down in Miami on Friday to make a few media appearances as part of Super Bowl week. He first appeared on FOX Sports’ “First Things First,” where we saw a bit of a change — perhaps self-reflection — for Cleveland’s franchise quarterback.

I have never been strongly against Mayfield’s “give no [bleeps]” attitude when it comes to the media. If he wants to defend himself, more power to him. However, it’s also one of those things where if I had a preference, it would be nice for him to block that stuff out and not get into so many back-and-forths with all of his critics, which only fuels the flame even more. The best word to describe Mayfield on Friday was that he seemed a lot more humble — a word which he used himself when describing this past season.

“It absolutely was humbling, the whole process of losing. I haven’t lost that many games in a season ever. ... It was a humbling experience. I think I was focused on too many of the wrong things, the uncontrollables. It’s time to just put my head down and work.”

Mayfield also took accountability for all of the turnovers and him needing to take responsibility with getting everyone on the same page, especially when the running game is such a weapon. Mayfield’s full interview can be seen below, and I encourage you to watch, it is worth the listen.

A little later, Mayfield was a guest on ESPN’s “Get Up” show, where Rex Ryan was one of the panelists. He and Mayfield had a bit of a media war of words this past season, but again, we saw Mayfield be much more mature and self-deprecating to make light of things, as he admitted that he put his foot in his mouth too many times (although the cynic in one might say that was a fun jab at Ryan). You can watch Mayfield’s full interview on ESPN here:

For what it’s worth, even though they didn’t speak, Colin Cowherd listened to Mayfield’s interview earlier in the day and said it was “measured, smart, mature, and showed growth,” adding that he thinks Mayfield is going to have a bounceback season and a good year in 2020. So, if we’re checking the box for Mayfield being off to a good start after the conclusion to a rough 2019 season, things are looking up.