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Les Browns Backers De Montreal viewing party

The Prez Sez: Browns Backers President’s Week 4 Predictions vs. Cowboys

They the Prez so therefore they Sez  

Every week in the Year of our COVID, DawgsByNature invites five Browns Backers Worldwide Presidents to predict the winner of the game. This week the opponent is the Dallas Cowboys. What do the Cowboys have in common every year? Before each season, various news media predict them to win the Super Bowl. Their last Super Bowl victory? 1995.

Back in 1988, a group that called themselves “Browns Fans at Mile High” in Denver went to quite a bit of effort to watch games of their beloved Browns. Situated in a large hotel banquet room, several fans would bring their own TV sets to the hotel for that multi-screen viewing effect. With the use of Radio Shack connection type devices and several 100-foot rolls of coaxial cable, the dedicated group would connect to the hotel’s NASA-sized satellite dish.

At the 30-minute mark before kickoff, a call was made to someone they knew at the NBC Network in order to get the correct satellite coordinates for that week’s Cleveland game. Next, two fans would hand-crank the dish into position as directions were being hollered out for the correct positioning.

To see where the nearest chapter is located near you, click the below link:


This week’s Presidents and their predictions:

Texas Capital Area Browns Backers

President: John Martinich

Austin, Texas

Favorite former player: Kevin Mack

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Green Light Social Club

Best menu item: Red Right 88 Bloody Mary

Week 4 prediction: “The Browns visit to Dallas will be home state visits for Texas natives Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett. I expect their swagger to shine bright early in the game. Baker will have a highlight TD to Jarvis Landry, Myles will get a sack and Nick Chubb will rush for 100-yards. Unfortunately, I see the second half taken over by a more experienced Cowboys team with Ezekiel Elliott controlling the clock for the win 30-23. Our likely shortfalls are turnovers and penalties.”


Northern California Browns Backers

President: Jim Braden

Citrus Heights, California

Favorite former player: Jim Brown

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: The Couch Sports Lounge

Best menu item: Cheesesteak sandwich

Week 4 prediction: “So far this season, the Browns have not been able to stop the opponent’s offense, in particular the passing game. The Browns should get some of the injured starters back by the game but the Dallas offense will present a major challenge. While I do not believe that Dak Prescott is an elite quarterback, I do think he will pass for more than 300-yards and multiple scores against the Browns’ defense. The Browns’ offense is showing signs of both balance and growth and should be able to move the ball and score on Dallas’ mediocre defense. My prediction is Cowboys 31, Browns 28.”

Les Browns Backers De Montreal

President: Christopher Petras

Montreal, Quebec - Canada

Favorite former player: Bernie Kosar

Favorite current player: Myles Garrett

Viewing location: The Next Door Pub & Grill

Best menu item: Nachos

Week 4 prediction: “The Browns come into “Jerry World” riding a two-game win streak following their prime time victory over the Bungals and a workman-like win at home over Washington. Dallas, meanwhile, has lost their first three games of the season for the first time in franchise history and comes into Week 4 desperate for a win. With no crowd noise, the Browns are able to move the ball reasonably well on offense, but the defense is still developing its identity as players return from injury and the two teams battle to a 20-20 tie at the end of regulation. Despite a 1.5 sack game from Myles Garrett, the Browns lose the turnover battle and, in the end, Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott will the Cowboys to victory. Dallas 27, Cleveland 23 (in OT)”


Streetsboro Browns Backers

President: Liam Lowery

Streetsboro, Ohio

Favorite former player: Mike Baab

Favorite current player: Mack Wilson

Viewing location: Happy Moose Bar and Grill

Best menu item: Spicy Garlic Wings

Week 4 prediction: “Although I feel the Cowboys are overrated, I think their defense will be able to out score the Browns at the end of the day. But the Browns offense will keep it close and entertaining. I really hope I’m wrong on the final outcome.” Cowboys 32, Browns 28


Mile High Browns Backers

President: Cliff Colson

Denver, Colorado

Favorite former player: Webster Slaughter

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Stoney’s Bar and Grill

Best menu item: Breakfast Burrito

Week 4 prediction: “Wasn’t this game that ’travel to away games’ Browns’ fans had circled on their calendar to get to…for Thanksgiving Day to see Jerry’s new crib up close? I drove from Denver to Dallas back in 2004 because I had to see that stadium where God could look through the hole in the roof. Partied with Browns’ fans for 24 hours, sat down in my seat, looked up at the underside of that roof…what a moldy, rusty mess. That stadium made old Muni look like So-Fi. Some guy named Vinny Testaverde threw for 322 for Dallas (along with three picks) and Jeff Garcia for Cleveland threw for a whopping 71 yards also with three picks. We were miraculously trying an on-side kick with a few ticks left on the clock down 19-12…Kellen Winslow Jr. broke his leg on that play…the rest is history. Dallas 27, Cleveland 15.”



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