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Sunday Morning Post 2.4

The perfect way for a Dawg By Nature to start a Game Day.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
That Game Day Dawg.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

My Dawgs By Nature Family,

A Very Merry Football Morning to you and yours from Dawgs By Nature Radio. Welcome to your Sunday Morning Post for week 4 of the 2020 season. In this episode, we start off with an update from the Titans Time Podcast. Tanner Skaggs shares his thoughts on the postponements. Then we get to the Focus on 5 where we preview games of importance to Browns Fans. Finally, we wrap up the show with your Browns Showdown.

You can play the show on the player below or by following this link here:

Show Notes:

(0:00) Intro

(1:35) Titans update with Tanner Skaggs of @titans_time

(3:10) Bills v.Raiders @rockpilereport & @behindeyepatch

(10:05) Jags v. Bengals @BritJag & @Rebecca_Toback

(14:11) Philly v. 49ers @aatbirds & @mezachp

(18:18) Ravens v. FT @tsale4506 & @BackrowRedskins

(23:07) Browns Showdown with:

Tony Thompson of Cowboys Wire @nohuddle

Josh Thornton of the Danger Zone Podcast @HerbTwister

Big thanks to everyone who participated in this project.

Take care and Go Browns!