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Browns fans’ confidence at year-high 94% heading into Week 5

How high can we go?

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The third week of SB Nation Reacts voting is in, heading into Week 5 of the NFL season. If you haven’t signed up to vote each week, you can do so here.

The week-to-week confidence meter among Browns fans increased 10 percentage points, from 84% last week to 94% this week. That marks a high for the year 2020, beating the previous high of 93% following the draft. Cleveland has been on a rise for the past three weeks, and now they are at the point where there’s not much more room to go up. Fans are loving what Kevin Stefanski has brought to the table, and as long as the Browns stay competitive against teams, I don’t foresee any significant drops in the confidence meter.

Additionally, the Colts vs. Browns game made it up on the list as one of the more exciting match-ups of the coming week; however, it still trailed the other three candidates. That may be a different story if the Bills vs. Titans game gets postponed.

There were two other national polls. The first one asked fans if Cam Newton would have changed the Patriots vs. Chiefs outcome. That’s a tough question to answer, because if you put him in the specific scenarios where Brian Hoyer screwed up (before the end of the half, and being strip sacked in the red zone), you would think “Yes.” However, I think the Chiefs would have turned up the offensive urgency had Newton and the Patriots’ offense started gaining traction. Therefore, my final answer is “No.” In the other poll, the Chiefs are still viewed as the best team in the NFL — interestingly enough, the Baltimore Ravens have faded a bit, thanks to their loss to Kansas City a few weeks ago.