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Denzel Ward to miss several games with calf injury

The Browns’ top corner will miss action with a calf injury.

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The calf strain strikes again.

First it was to OG Wyatt Teller (who recently returned), and now it’s to CB Denzel Ward. Coming off one of the best games of his career, Ward suffered the calf injury at some point during the Eagles game, and an MRI on Monday confirmed that he will miss several weeks of action.

Cleveland will already be without DE Myles Garrett this Sunday against the Jaguars, and SS Ronnie Harrison could be out as well. Taking Ward out of the equation, Cleveland has essentially lot the three best defensive players on a defense that has otherwise struggled — although it sounds funny to say that, considering the fact that the defense has only allowed a combined 40 points in their past 3 games.

Who takes Ward’s spot? If Cleveland sticks with what they did earlier this season, then slot corner Kevin Johnson could be bumped into a starting role, with Tavierre Thomas or M.J. Stewart taking over the slot role. Personally, I’d be intrigued with the thought of keeping Johnson in the slot and promoting A.J. Green up to see what the rookie is made of.