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The Prez Sez: Browns Backers President’s Week 12 predictions vs. Jaguars

The Presidents have spoken. Their policies have been given. Their glasses are empty. Waitress!

British Bulldawgs Browns Backers chapter

Browns Backers Presidents just don’t simply look good and do all the work to organize their chapters. They know football, and more importantly, know Cleveland Browns football.

Each week, DBN invites five Browns Backers chapter Presidents to provide their insight with the outcome of Cleveland’s next opponent. The host chapter this week, First Coast Browns Backers in Jacksonville, has an unusual tradition - or perhaps you may call it a superstition. If someone goes to the bathroom and the Browns score, this chapter requires that same person go the bathroom when the Browns get into the Red Zone.

In 2017 the Browns were the home team in Week 8 in London against the Minnesota Vikings played at Twickenham Stadium. The British Bulldawgs Browns Backers chapter hosted a huge party attended by numerous former players such as Jim Brown, Josh Cribbs and Hanford Dixon. Cleveland owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam both played bartender and pulled pints to thirsty fans. Fans from across the globe arrived for the weekend and the party fun where lifelong friendships remain.

Also included in this week’s President’s predictions, are the viewpoints of last year’s Browns Backers Chapter-of-the-Year: North Royalton.

If you wish to find the nearest chapter, click this link:


This week’s Presidents and their predictions:

First Coast Browns Backers

President: Jerry Ivory

Jacksonville, Florida

Favorite former player: Greg Pruitt

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Monkey’s Uncle Tavern

Best menu item: Grilled chicken

Week 2 prediction: “The Jaguars are not very good and everyone in this City knows it. The Browns shouldn’t have any problem. Browns 37, Jaguars 7.”


British Bulldawgs Browns Backers

President: Kelly Burgess Taylor

Leicester Square, London - England

Favorite former player: Joe Thomas

Favorite current player: Myles Garrett

Viewing location: The Hippodrome Casino

Best menu item: Loaded Nachos

Week 2 prediction: “I think the Browns will thrive in the warm Florida weather and we will hopefully have an easy win against the Jags. It is great having Chubb and Hunt back together, and I think they will be unstoppable against the Jags’ lackluster defense. Browns 32, Jaguars 13.”


Niceville Browns Backers

President: Shane Dowd

Niceville, Florida

Favorite former player: Josh Cribbs

Favorite current player: Myles Garrett

Viewing location: Basil and Baxter’s Kitchen and Cocktails

Best menu item: Blackened Chicken Jambalaya Pasta

Week 2 prediction: “The Browns will travel to warmer weather conditions to play Jacksonville on the road. With the Jaguars run defense ranking in the bottom 10 of the league, expect high rushing numbers from the deadliest rushing dynamic in the league of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. This will also open up the play action passing game along with the favorable weather conditions in Florida to enable Baker to thrive. Browns 31, Jaguars 24.”


North Royalton Browns Backers

President: Tim Rudnick

North Royalton, Ohio

Favorite former player: Clay Matthews

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Niko’s Bar and Gyros

Best menu item: Lamb & Beef Gyro washed down with a $3 pint of Columbus Bohdi

Week 2 prediction: “The Jaguars are the perfect team for the Browns. They are 29th against the pass and 30th against the rush with an offense that occasionally shows a burst, but is certainly not consistent. Expect a healthy dose of the Chubb / Hunt Show and Jacksonville’s 101st lost under the current owner. Browns 34-20.”


Oldest City Browns Backers

President: Dave Rosenberg

St. Augustine, Florida

Favorite former player: Bernie Kosar

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Hurricane Grill and Wings

Best menu item: Chicken Quesadias

Week 2 prediction: “The Jaguars are on their way down and I feel the Browns are ascending. I believe the Browns will score against this defense. My only concern is our secondary, but I feel we should contain Jacksonville pretty well. Browns 31, Jaguars 13.”