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Browns fans’ confidence steadily climbs back to 93% heading into Week 14

While the national media was impressed by the Browns’ first half, Cleveland fans are still cautious about the defense.

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The fourteenth week of SB Nation Reacts voting is in, heading into Week 14 of the NFL season. If you haven’t signed up to vote each week, you can do so here.

The week-to-week confidence meter among Browns fans increased by 7 percentage points, rising from 86% to 93% after last week’s victory over the Tennessee Titans. Based on the way the national media is talking, you’d think the confidence among fans would be at 100%. And for the future direction of the team, it really should be. However, the week-to-week nuances still come into play, and Cleveland didn’t shut the door on Tennessee in that second half.

Cleveland’s opponent this week, the Baltimore Ravens, is back up to 62% with their confidence after being at 14% not too long ago.

As far as general NFL polls go, Jalen Hurts gets the chance to start for the Eagles this week, and 82% of fans approved of that move. Sticking with the NFC, only 50% of fans think the Buccaneers are contenders. Tampa Bay has faded a bit after a solid start to the season — can Tom Brady pull it together? Or will both the Patriots and Buccaneers miss the postseason?