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Javis Landry: Marcus Peters is a “coward”

Browns wide receiver calls out Baltimore cornerback for alleged spitting incident during Monday night’s game.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns may have lost Monday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, but Cleveland’s offense had a night to remember.

The Browns hung 42 points on the Ravens - a season-high against Baltimore - and 493 yards of offense against a defense that came into the game ranked eighth in fewest yards allowed (337 per game) and fourth in fewest points allowed (19.3 a game).

The fact that the Browns offense worked over what is allegedly one of the league’s better defenses apparently rubbed some of the Ravens the wrong way, most notably cornerback Marcus Peters.

Peters was caught on at the end of the first quarter apparently spitting at Cleveland wide receiver Jarvis Landry as Landry’s back was turned.

When asked about it on Thursday, Landry did not hold back (quotes via The Beacon Journal):

“I wasn’t aware to it [until] after the game, obviously, but he’s a coward. He knew that maybe behind my back he could do things like that, but to my face he wouldn’t. Take it for what it’s worth and now I know. Everybody knows the type of player he is, the type of person he is and just move on from there.

“I just think it’s cowardly. Again, you wait until I turn around and do something like that, it’s like, do it to my face. Be a man about if you’re going to do something like that. I don’t know about protocols, but if there is a protocol for being a man, that sure ain’t it right there.”

Peters took it to another level after the game when he called out Landry and injured wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. during a postgame video from Baltimore cornerback Marlon Humphey (quote from The Beacon Journal):

“She [Landry] was upset because the other homegirl couldn’t really end up making it right now, because my dog is hurt. We understand that and I respect that. But the one homegirl that was out there just needs to shut the f*** up until she gets back.’’

This is the second year in a row that there has been a dustup between a Browns wide receiver and a Baltimore defensive back.

During a Week 4 game in 2019, Humphrey attempted to choke out Beckham. The incident blew up to the point where the Ravens released a video and story on team’s official website defending Humphrey.

The Browns and Ravens will likely not play again until next season, but Monday night’s actions added another level to a rivalry that is on the brink of blowing up.