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The Prez Sez: Browns Backers President’s Week 13 Predictions vs. Titans

First down Browns!

Toronto Browns Backers chapter

Browns Backers Presidents just don’t simply look good and do all the work to organize their chapters. They know football, and more importantly, know Cleveland Browns football.

The Southern Mississippi Browns Backers chapter had an usual event happen at their old viewing location.

The bar, an extreme dive bar, featured old leather couches for patrons to sit on while watching the game. During one telecast, a man walked in and asked everyone to get off the sofas. Next, they carried the couches off into a waiting truck. The bar owner had sold all the furniture.

Every first down, as a group the Toronto Browns Backers go “1, 2, 3...FIRST DOWN BROWNS!!” They also have a Myles Garrett chant every time he does something good. This chapter also has a food drive at Thanksgiving and raise around 500 pounds of food for their local food bank. At Christmas time, they are involved in a toy drive where they collect 20 oversized garbage bags full of toys.

Each week, DBN invites five Browns Backers chapter Presidents to provide their insight with the outcome of Cleveland’s next opponent.


This week’s Presidents and their predictions:

Southern Mississippi Browns Backers

President: Gene Cowhick

Biloxi, Mississippi

Favorite former player: Brian Brennan

Favorite current player: Joel Bitonio

Viewing location: Tailgater’s Sports Pub & Grill

Best menu item: Wings

Week 13 prediction: “It will certainly be a challenging game. While the Browns have had a tough time against the better teams, I think they are learning to win and jelling as a team. Hopefully, Myles Garrett will be back as well. The Browns to win 24-21.”


Toronto Browns Backers

President: Bryan Loberg

Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Favorite former player: Brian Sipe

Favorite current player: Kareem Hunt

Viewing location: SHOXS Billiard Lounge

Best menu item: Bernie Burger

Week 13 prediction: “Regardless of having Myles out or if he is available, the “D” is still very strong. That was proven vs. the Eagles. Others are stepping up as we are deep and simply awesome. As for the “O”, the O-line is top three in the league and the BEASTS who run the ball are literally the best two RB’s in the league. You rest one and the other does the exact same thing. Maybe Dalvin Cook or Kamara are in the same ballpark could top these two. And then you have Baker who throws his usual five balls a game over someone’s head. BUT, with his play action roll-outs he hits just enough guys to fulfill his role. He isn’t the 350-yards a game guy, he just makes timely throws to keep the offense rolling. It’s literally the same game plan every week. Strong “D”, great runs and timely throws. Browns 24-17”


Tallahassee Browns Backers

President: Joe Foster

Tallahassee, Florida

Favorite former player: Lou Groza

Favorite current player: Myles Garrett

Viewing location: Miller’s Ale House

Best menu item: Zingers

Week 13 prediction: “Assuming we don’t have too many key players on the COVID/IR list, this should be a great game! The Browns have been criticized by some this season for having a “light” schedule and I think they will have something to prove against a talented Titans team. It should also be fun to see what Baker and the Browns’ passing offense can do if we have some decent weather this week. 24-17 Browns”


North Central Ohio Browns Backers

President: Anthony Hoffman

Crestline, Ohio

Favorite former player: Fair Hooker

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: VFW Post

Best menu item: Bud Light

Week 13 prediction: “I really like Tennessee’s head coach. Tennessee 27, Cleveland 20”


Gwinett County, GA Browns Backers

President: Deke Young

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Favorite former player: Josh Cribbs

Favorite current player: Rashard Higgins

Viewing location: Taco Mac Lawrenceville

Best menu item: Philly Cheesesteak

Week 13 prediction: “This should be a good matchup. One fundamental of football is you play how you practice and both the Browns and the Titans practice against a solid running game with a stud running back who grinds for short yards and will break open a long gain if you can’t tackle. The Browns win on offense if they can stay committed to the run for all four quarters, regardless of the score in the first half. Baker Mayfield needs to continue the rollouts as he is more accurate when moving and has shown a tendency to miss high when staying in the pocket (as when he missed the wide-open Rashard Higgins last week and Hooper against the Eagles).

In Week 12 Jarvis Landry had 11 targets and the next highest was Nick Chubb and KhaDarel Hodge with three. The Titans will be game planning for Jarvis Landry this week as a good DC takes away one player from the other teams offense (more on this later). Andy Janovich is back this week. Kevin Stefanski should run more 22 sets as well as the occasional 13 set to keep pounding the football to wear down the Titans D-Line and wait for Chubb to break some long runs in the second half. The Browns lose on offense if they have too many three-and-outs. We need to give our defense breaks and limit the snap counts for our defensive line (more on this later).

The Browns win on defense if Joe Woods abandons the 4-2-5 alignment and adds another linebacker to focus on Derrick Henry. The Browns have been weak at safety and injuries have force the carousel in the secondary all year. If we are counting on Andrew Sendejo to bring down Henry the Titans are going to roll. I think the Browns should install a true Middle Linebacker and sell out on stopping Henry. Make Ryan Tannehill and A.J. Brown beat you in the air. Myles Garrett is back this week and we need to let him be the dominate pass rusher and take the focus away from Sheldon Richardson and Larry Ogunjobi who are the most important Browns on defense this week.

Cleveland need to sustain long drives to allow our offensive line to dominate and keep the snap counts low for our defensive line. I can’t explain why, but the offense never gets tired in the fourth quarter but the defense sure does. Mayfield has been effective when he moves around and throws off play action. If the Browns fall behind and abandon the run game the Titans will start to dial up blitzes and stunts on Mayfield, and he has struggled against pressure all year.

The Browns are missing a first-round pick on defense (Denzel Ward) and two second-round picks on defense (Greedy Williams and Brad Delpit). Sendejo (33 years old) and Karl Joseph (27 years old) played all but one snap on defense against the Jaguars. Garrett is expected back from the COVID-19 list, not sure if we expect Porter Gustin to be available as well. These are thy kinds of games where you need to rotate all your defensive linemen. Oliver Vernon has lead the Browns in snap counts the last two weeks and he looked tired against Jacksonville especially late in the game.

The Titans are going to be favored this week, which means that the Browns probably won’t win the game and fail to carry the spread. If the Browns play AFC North football - run the ball and stop the run - they should be ahead by a field goal and win the game on a Garrett strip sack.”