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Only 23% of NFL fans think the Browns are contenders heading into Week 13

Cleveland fans’ confidence has lowered a tad despite three straight wins.

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The thirteenth week of SB Nation Reacts voting is in, heading into Week 13 of the NFL season. If you haven’t signed up to vote each week, you can do so here.

The week-to-week confidence meter among Browns fans decreased 2 percentage points, dropping from 88% to 86% after last week’s victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Although the Browns have won three games in a row, fan confidence has dipped over the past two weeks. Perhaps fans are not happy enough with the fact that playoff season is drawing near, and yet Cleveland is not putting on more dominant performances against weaker teams like the Eagles and Jaguars.

Cleveland’s opponent this week, the Tennessee Titans, has their confidence sitting at 100%. You can’t get higher than that.

There were a bunch of national polls asking NFL fans in general if they thought certain teams were contenders or not. We are only looking at the Browns and Titans for this poll: only 23% of NFL fans think the Browns are contenders, compared to 83% of NFL fans who think the Titans are contenders. We’ll see if Cleveland can do anything to change that perception on Sunday.