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Thoughts on the commercials from Super Bowl 54

Jeep, Google, and Tide come away as big winners.

Rome Film Fest 2019 photo by Rocco Spaziani/Archivio Rocco Spaziani/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Everyone has different tastes for Super Bowl commercials, and below are five of mine. Please leave your own thoughts on the commercials in the comments section below!

1. Bill Murray Takes the Top Honor: The biggest win on all cylinders was from Jeep, and their re-imagining of the 1993 film Groundhog Day. Not only was Bill Murray in it, but it included his brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Stephen Tobolowsky, returning to reprise their roles from the movie. Murray’s persona is enough in itself to win anyone over, but the twist is fun — he wants to keep re-living the day because he’s got this incredible vehicle to play with (Jeep). Mix in the groundhog and amusement, Murray’s improv, and the fact that the Super Bowl and Groundhog Day happened on the same day for the first time in 54 years.

2. Google Brings Out the Waterworks: Google’s commercial near the end of the first half brought on the waterworks. It effectively appealed to the senses — seeing the search terms, the man’s voice, and before long, you realize he is reminiscing about his wife who was lost too soon. It’s a commercial that cuts deep because many of us cherish memories so much, and something we fear is the possibility when life takes those away from us. On social media, I could tell that a lot of people were in agreement that this commercial got to them.

3. Tide Commercials are Back! Two years ago, I was hugely in favor of the Tide ads, and their cross-branding. Last year, I was let down that Tide didn’t feature any ads at all. Well, in 2020, they came back in full force. Part of the reason I loved them was because they featured actor Charlie Day, who stars in one of my favorite shows, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. However, I also loved it because there were several Tide ads, including a few cross-promotional ones with other companies, which I think is just so smart when a 30-second ad cost $5.4 million.

4. Loving Alexa for a Second Straight Year: For the second year in a row, Amazon was a hit with their Alexa commercial. This time, it’s a simple question asked about Ellen: “What did we do before Alexa?” And then we get a bunch of small funny hits that show human interaction on simple questions or commands.

5. Nothing Too Outlandish and Stupid: Oftentimes, I look at Super Bowl commercials and see a concept that was implemented, but it’s just seems stupid. It makes me think, “They spent so much money on a Super Bowl commercial and that was what they came up with?” This year, I thought the commercials were much more in line with not being too weird. The Jason Mamoa commercial but have been a bit weird, but I knew it would work because of his involvement in Game of Thrones and Aquaman. The Walmart Delivery commercial was also a bit of a letdown, because I feel like they did the same commercial last year, just with better characters/vehicles.

There were some other good commercials I didn’t mention, but let us know in the comments section below which ones you liked, which ones you hated, and which ones failed to deliver.