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The Browns 2020 draft hats are here, but does it say anything about the uniform/logo?

Cleveland’s 2020 NFL Draft hats are out!

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The 2020 NFL Draft hats are officially out and available to purchase from Fanatics (see all of the model hats below if you are interested in purchasing one). Due to the world situation right now, it’s too bad we won’t get to see these hats on a draft prospect in Las Vegas — or on the draft prospects themselves — for who knows how long. Still, Cleveland’s hat is very attractive this year, in my opinion, thanks to the inclusion of the Brownie the Elf logo.

We are still waiting on word from the Browns on what their new jerseys for the 2020 season will look like. Could the release of the new uniform also include a push for increased usage of Brownie the Elf? It’s the type of thing that could modernize the Browns’ logo, from a plain old helmet, while still maintaining the storied history of the franchise (since the Elf has been around forever).

It might just be a pipe dream, but we can dream, right? Tell us what you think about the hats below.

Browns Low Profile 59FIFTY Draft Hat for $40