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Details emerging on Browns new uniforms

Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas shares some info on team’s latest redesign.

FOOTBALL-BROWN’S VICTORY Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns will unveil their latest uniform design on Wednesday at noon.

The club dropped a short video on Twitter last week that got fans understandably excited about the possibility that the Browns will once again be dressing like an actual NFL team:

Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas followed that up on Monday with some in-depth information about just what the Browns will be wearing come the fall.

Using information from an industry source, Lukas was able to have mock-ups created of the Browns new uniforms. There is one small caveat, however:

The source, whose background I have vetted, sent me visuals that showed what the Browns were planning for their 2020 uniforms as of October 2018. It’s possible that some aspects of the designs could have changed since then, especially small details on non-retail uniform components (the striping on the pants, say, or the design of the socks). But at the very least, these visuals show the direction the Browns were taking 18 months ago, and they are likely to be very similar to what gets unveiled this Wednesday.

Here is a mock-up of the new home uniform, Uni Watch:

The road uniform:

And, finally, the Color Rush uniform:

As team officials have been saying for months, the new uniforms will mark a return to a more traditional look for the team, and these mock-ups fall right in line with that - especially the home uniform.

The road uniforms would have benefitted from having orange pants - the brown pants simply do not work - but otherwise they are good. And the team always has the option of wearing white pants with the white jerseys to create a true classic look.

As for the Color Rush uniform, the all-brown look is never good, but it is certainly better than if the team had gone all-orange. It is interesting that the Browns basically took their current Color Rush uniform and simply removed all the striping for the new version.

If these are accurate, or even close enough, to what the Browns have planned for Wednesday’s unveiling, then they delivered on their promise to fix the abominations they have been wearing the past few seasons.

Now if they could only work Brownie the Elf in there somewhere ...


If these are the new Browns uniforms, what do you think?

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