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Browns GM Andrew Berry talks about the selection of OT Jedrick Wills

Cleveland’s GM weighs in on the selection of OT Jedrick Wills.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

After Cleveland’s selection of OT Jedrick Wills at No. 10 overall, Browns GM Andrew Berry talked to the media about the pick.

General Assessment

There was an organizational consensus for the Browns to select Wills when he was still on the board. Here is Berry’s introductory assessment of the pick:

Wills Will Play Left Tackle

Not that there was any doubt, because Jack Conklin was signed to be the right tackle, but Berry confirmed right away that Wills will play left tackle with the Browns. He acknowledged that Wills will have to be physically re-programmed, but he still protected Tua’s blindside for a reason in college: he was trusted. Berry also believes that offensive line coach Bill Calahan has the experience and coaching skills to make the transition a smooth one for Wills:

Fitting the System

Here is Berry comparing the system that Wills was in in Alabama, and how he is a clean fit for what Cleveland will be running due to his athleticism:

Element of Surprise and Possible Trade Down

Word is that the Browns did not expect Wills to still be on the board when they picked at No. 10 overall. Although they had offers to move down, Wills was definitely a guy they could not pass up on.

What About Trent Williams?

The Browns have been lightly linked to trading for OT Trent Williams for over a year now, but that scenario is officially dead with the selection of Wills. Berry brushed off a question about Williams by praising Wills and getting young talent: