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Report: Browns expected to unveil new uniforms on April 15

Fans should expect “tweaks” to the decals on a uniform redesign that is expected to be a return to a traditional look.

2017 NFL Draft Cleveland Browns First Round Press Conference

Cleveland Browns fans eager for news about the team’s upcoming uniform redesign had a big day on Tuesday.

First up is the news that the Browns are expected to finally unveil their new uniforms on April 15, according to a Tweet from Tom Withers of the Associated Press:

While some fans have been clamoring for the Browns to finally get on with the uniform release, having a date closer to the start of the NFL Draft was always likely the plan.

As for what the uniforms will look like, that information is still on lockdown, but Paul Lukas at Uni Watch provided some details on Tuesday.

According to Lukas, the Browns are working to “tweak” the decals they use as part of the uniform:

I heard yesterday from a trusted source who said he was talking with a decal manufacturer. The manufacturer told him that he was working on “tweaks” to the decals they produce for the Browns. The manufacturer did not give any additional details, and my source declined to identify the manufacturer.

Of course, Browns don’t have any helmet decals, at least not in the traditional sense of the term. The manufacturer could have been referring to the nose and neck bumpers, but I think the more likely scenario involves the team’s helmet striping, which since 2015 has featured a faux carbon fiber pattern.

Ownership has already given multiple signals that the team is going back to old-school basics, so eliminating the pattern from the stripes would seem to fit that agenda.

That will be disappointing news for some fans who have continued to believe the Browns were going to take an already bad uniform and make it worse with some type of radical design.

Co-owner Dee Haslam has continually said the new uniforms will have a more traditional look, however, and if the team is planning to just “tweak” the helmet decals, that sounds like a return to an actual NFL uniform is in the cards for the Browns.