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Cleveland Browns 2020 schedule rumor tracker

The Browns’ full schedule will be unveiled at 8 PM ET tonight!

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images


The league will officially announce the 2020 NFL regular season schedule at 7:30 PM ET tonight. It’s possible that this entire schedule release will end up being a fantasy, given the global pandemic, but we’ll see — let’s still try to have a little bit of fun with it.

When the schedule comes out, we will dedicate a full article to it, including some early analysis of how things shaped out for Cleveland. In the mean time, there could be various schedule leaks throughout the day, helping us piece a few things together.

2020 Browns Schedule Tracker

  • So far, the only rumor we have is Browns @ Jaguars in Week 12, per a user on Twitter who goes by Dilla. For what it’s worth, I’ve read numerous things that have said that he has been pretty reliable regarding Jaguars news in the past.
  • Local report Jon Doss is also hearing that the Browns will play at Jacksonville in Week 12, meaning they would not have a Thanksgiving Day game:
  • Correcting an earlier point, the Browns’ schedule should be released at 7:30 PM ET, not 8:00 PM ET as I first noted.
  • According to Barstool Sports (who leaked the entire Ravens schedule), the Browns will be on the road in Baltimore in Week 1. The Browns would then host a Monday Night Football game in Week 14 (December 14) against Baltimore.
  • The Browns will reportedly face the Bears in Cleveland for the first preseason game.