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Kevin Stefanski talks Browns being leaders in social justice, and getting ready for review phase of Xs & Os

Cleveland’s head coach had a virtual press conference in Berea.

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski had a conference call with the media via Zoom on Wednesday. You can watch the 20-minute call here, and I’ve compiled a list of notes below:

  • Having coached in Minnesota for 14 years, the message of social justice was a big theme to begin the call. He talked about encouraging the team to take action and be a part of the positive changes that can come from this movement, and he appreciates the platform he has to help promote and deliver that message:
  • After five minutes of social injustice talk, it was Tony Grossi’s turn to ask a question, and he stated that he wanted to get to the first football-related question. Grossi asked what Stefanski’s thoughts were to the joint practices being cancelled league-wide (specifically with the Packers, in the Browns’ case), and the lack of physical contact they’ll have with another team to prepare for the season. He is disappointed, but will just follow the rules like all other 31 teams are doing.
  • Stefanski and the coaching staff have done the “install phase” of X’s and O’s, and they are getting to the review phase starting next week. However, besides just teaching football, he’s trying to tackle the challenging aspect of team building despite all of the distance between the players.