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Report: NFL preseason could be shortened to two games in 2020

Also, the latest on the 2020 Hall of Fame ceremony.

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns

Yesterday, I talked about the possibility of the NFL beginning training camp a little early this year, in mid-July as opposed to late-July, to allow for a longer acclimation period for players to get used to football training again. Today, we have word of another possibility being discussed, as reported by Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network: shortening the preseason to two games instead of four.

This would be in lieu of beginning training camp earlier, which Pelissero speculates that players might not be fond of. Reducing the number of preseason games and utilizing that time to further conduct a better offseason program (to make up for missed time) could be more beneficial. Pelissero notes that these possibilities would have no impact on the regular season schedule.

The status of this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony is still up-in-the-air. While “Plan A” is still to have everything as normal, including with fans in attendance, I don’t know how realistic that is. There are a bunch of contingency plans, such as delaying it a few weeks to a month, holding it virtually (very unlikely), or delaying it until 2021 to have both classes’ ceremonies next year.