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Kevin Stefanski returns to Berea, and looking at the Browns’ social distancing upgrades

The Browns are slowly starting to re-open.

Kevin Stefanski Introductory Press Conference Photo by: 2020 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

NFL team facilities were required to shut down in late-March, leading to the team personnel and executives not only being virtual for the 2020 NFL Draft, but doing it in silos at their own homes. Now, we are starting to see some of those restrictions lifted in phases.

Although the NFL permitted team facilities to re-open in some capacity in mid-May, the Cleveland Browns didn’t open their doors to staff until June 1. A few of the regulations and changes implemented in this Phase 1 return include:

  • No more than 75 staff members are permitted in the combined facilities of the team. This includes both Berea and Browns stadium combined.
  • When staff enter the building at Berea, they undergo a light screening process, including being asked if they have a cough or fever, followed by having their temperature scanned and using hand sanitizer.
  • More touchless installations have been put into place. These are good long-term investments for any building: water fountains that fill water bottles, and touchless faucets and soap dispensers in the restrooms.
  • Maps are posted around Berea to indicate one-way walking paths to reduce congested traffic flow. For workers in cubicles who work more closely together, higher extensions have been added to the desk to increase the height of the barrier from one employee to the next.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski returned to Berea on Friday, along with some members of his coaching staff. I’ll be curious to see if the Browns have another Building the Browns episode soon that focuses on the return of the coaching staff and others.