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The new commenting system is officially live on Dawgs By Nature

Here we go!

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

As of about 3:00 PM ET today, Dawgs By Nature is officially LIVE on the new Coral commenting system.

What is This? A Quick Recap

  • SB Nation NFL blogs switched to a new commenting system called Coral. People instantly hated it.
  • I wrote an article a few days ago, summarizing my thoughts, but also obtaining all our community feedback.
  • SB Nation has heard the network-wide concerns and hatred, and are working to improve things. It might not be improved as quickly as we would hope, but we ask that you stick with us, for the sake of all the writers at DBN and the community.
  • Other SB Nation NFL blogs went live last week. Our go-live date was Monday at 3:00 PM ET.

Other Quick Things to Know

  • If you were banned at another SB Nation site previously, then you might have to email to let them know your account is restricted, and that you need access to Dawgs By Nature.
  • Because of this being a new system, all old comments will disappear, for now. The old comments will be migrated back in at a later date.
  • For the moment, comments are not active for FanPosts and FanShots for technical reasons, as they work on implementing that. In the mean time, if there is an open thread type of thing that you want opened to emulate a FanPost, send me an email about it. I will create a normal site post for it.

Your Feedback

You are free to leave concerns about the new system below, but by now, SB Nation is more than aware of those complaints. Therefore, I think the comments section in this post would be more beneficial for:

  • Users testing it out.
  • Asking questions on how to do things, or if something is possible.
  • Pointing out and bugs/glitches.
  • Recommending strategies to bear with the system until SB Nation fixes things.
  • Testing out moderation-related things — I need work on this myself, because it’ll be my first time playing around with any new moderation tools.

Thank you to everyone who reads our site — I appreciate your love for the site, and whether you comment or not, I hope you continue enjoying our articles as the technology gets worked out.