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82% of Browns fans predict 9 or more wins for Cleveland

Cleveland and the rest of the NFL’s fans are optimistic about their respective teams.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

This past week, SB Nation Reacts polled the Dawgs By Nature community to ask whether fans think the Cleveland Browns will finish with over or under 8.5 wins. The results are in, and 82% of fans think the team will finish with 9 wins or more. That should be the expectation for the talent the Browns have on offense, but we’ll see his things actually turn out in a shortened offseason with a new head coach.

Looking at the other teams’ rankings, it’s clear that most fanbases are very optimistic. For example, 100% of Bills fans think Buffalo will finish with 9 or more wins. 93% of Buccaneers fans think Tampa Bay will finish with 10 or more wins. To the credit of Panthers fans, 55% of fans voted that Carolina will finish with 5 wins or less.

Two polls were also conducted, asking all the NFL blogs which top-5 contenders will exceed expectations, and which will fail to meet them. I don’t really like either question, because it doesn’t convey which team will firmly meet their expectations of being the best, like the 49ers or Chiefs looking to make it back to the Super Bowl. The one thing it does show is that fans are mixed on the Buccaneers, where half the fans think they’ll be really good, while the other half think they’ll underachieve.