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Looking at the types of Browns masks that are available to buy

Which set of Browns-themed masks look the best?

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With masks becoming more prevalent during the pandemic, one thing I’ve noticed is that I haven’t seen anyone wearing masks related to the Cleveland sports teams. As the season comes closer, though, I’ve been thinking of ordering some, especially since they would fit well with my wide range of Browns hats.

Below is a selection of masks that you can order if you are interested in some. The top two masks are one packs, and probably of the highest quality. They are made by New Era and are the ones that players/coaches will be wearing on the sidelines this season.

The other masks are multi-packs, and I’ve included a variety of them. Personally, I prefer masks with the ear loops as opposed to the ones that go around the back of your head. The orange masks also look a bit too bright to me, but might appeal to some. I like the design of the four-pack, but wish that it had the ear loops.

Do you known any Browns-related masks, or are you planning on ordering any?