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Podcast : Sunday Morning Post

The perfect way for a Dawg by Nature to start a Game Day.

The perfect way for a Dawg By Nature to start a Gameday.

My Dawgs By Nature Family,

I wanted to wish a very merry football morning to you and yours from Dawgs By Nature radio. To help us celebrate the joy of the season, we are bringing you a special holiday edition of the Sunday Morning Post.

0:00 - 7:43 Intro/ 3 major narratives illustrated with Coaches Clips.

7:45 - 26:25 Focus on 5 with contributions from real fans representing their teams

from around the nation. Guests include: @aatbirds @bengaljims_btr

LAFBNetwork @SteelersDevoted @Redskinsaddicts

@Johnnyvenerable @TheMuffed and @justgiantspod

26:26 - END Browns Showdown with Matthew Bruening (@SportfanaticMB) and

Matt Jergensen (@MattJergs.)

This show can be heard on the player below or by clicking on the link here:

I enjoyed hearing from the different franchises and this kind of work would never be possible with out the generous contributions from our guests. If you find value in this type of programming please let your voice be heard.

Once again, thank you for making Dawgs By Nature Radio a part of your Football Sunday.

Take care and GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!