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Podcast - SNC 4.10 On Winning w/ @dg216waob

“D” of the “With an Ohio Bias”joins the SNC studios to celebrate the Browns win on Sunday to move above the .500 mark.

Washington Football Team v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

My Dawgs by Nature Family,

After waking up to the feeling of being over .500 for the first time in year, we reached out to ‘D’ (@dg216waob) from the With an Ohio Bias to talk about the Browns as they move to 2-0 at home. You can find this episode of the show here:

or by playing the show in the player below.

This week we will be hearing from Dallas in The Oppositions Position. Then, we will do a pre pre game show with a streamlined version of the Sunday Morning Post. Keep it locked to Dawgs by Nature to get your ready for our trip to Texas and beyond/

Welp, that was your dose of the Straight Truth,

Take care and Go BROWNS!